1. Pyramid Cave - Sonic Adventure 2 Dreamcast (Part 11)

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  12. AC Co-Driver 02

  13. AC Co-Driver.

  14. SWAT 4 Gold Elite Force

  15. Star Citizen 2.6 - Character Detail

  16. Star Citizen 2.6 - Character Detail

  17. Star Citizen 2.6 - Character Detail

  18. watch dogs 2 aliasing

  19. Wow! OMG!

  20. Mafia 3 Sink or Swim

  21. testspectate bf1

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What's up?
  • GriftGFX
    GriftGFX I think Paragon is their biggest in house project so it's been moving a bit quicker than everything else. (8 minutes ago)
  • KORNdog
    KORNdog fortnite was announced what? 6 years ago? it was supposed to be one of the very first "next gen" games...granted they never specified which gen. lol (9 minutes ago)
  • GriftGFX
    GriftGFX I think the constant development of Unreal Engine counts as being productive too. Heck it's the same with Valve. They are making games. Just not the games people who are complaining want to play. (9 minutes ago)
  • GriftGFX
    GriftGFX @KORNdog: Paragon was released as an alpha.. it's already come a long way. They are a bit slow though. I mean.. lord know what the deal w/ Fortnite is. UT is more of a passion project though. (10 minutes ago)
  • KORNdog
    KORNdog but i guess they make an engine that's used pretty much everywhere. so they don't need to be that productive. kinda like valve having steam. . (12 minutes ago)
  • KORNdog
    KORNdog tbh epic have slowed to a crawl since they stopped with gears. they seem to be taking forever with everything. even paragon seem to be in perpetual beta mode. (12 minutes ago)
  • MrWhite
    MrWhite Yeah, reading the comments, he's pirated a copy of the game. Hope Nintendo pinch him by the balls for it. (25 minutes ago)
  • Driftwood
    Driftwood GSY is getting some nice content at 3 pm CEST with our July podcast and some videos of the Deus Ex Mankind Divided preview build. :) (> 3 Months ago)
  • Driftwood
    Driftwood For once we'll be live at 4:30 pm CEST. Blim should not even be tired! (> 3 Months ago)
  • Driftwood
    Driftwood More Quantum Break coverage coming in a few hours, 9:00 a.m CEST. (> 3 Months ago)
  • Driftwood
    Driftwood We'll have a full review up for Firewatch at 7 pm CET. Videos will only be tomorrow though. (> 3 Months ago)
  • Driftwood
    Driftwood Tonight's livestream will be at 9:15 GMT+1, not GMT+2 as first stated. (> 3 Months ago)
  • Driftwood
    Driftwood New GSY Live dedicated this time to Just Cause 3 on Tuesday 9:30 GMT+2 (> 3 Months ago)
  • Driftwood
    Driftwood Join us tomorrow at 10 pm GMT+2 for a new livestream. We'll be playing Rise of the Tomb Raider. (> 3 Months ago)
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