Risen 2: Dark Waters
  • Risen 2: Dark Waters

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    HR2 @Sdarts: thanks. I was not aware of the existence of this interview. although I had my doubts about the authenticity of the studio's name, the answer to this mystery was completely unknown to me (1 Hour ago)
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    Sdarts Also, the hour-long show aired on the Konami Twitch channel at 8:00PM (CET) on August 13th, but was only posted on Konami's Youtube channel on August 18th. (1 Hour ago)
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    Executioner_UK @aphex187: open smartglass > store > search crimson dragon > add to queue. Should list as free if you have Gold. Hope it works for ya. (2 Hours ago)
  • HR2
    HR2 @Sdarts:I highly doubt that. but hey..if you say so ..! ;) (2 Hours ago)
  • Executioner_UK
    Executioner_UK Not sure if i have beta version of smartglass new update though. MS are hammering out dash updates its hard to keep up but it def worked on the version i have for android :) (2 Hours ago)
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