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The second part of the gameplay video series for Anthem has been release by EA and it shows javelin personalizationn, the game's expanding world, endgame content while Game Director Jonathan Warner also talks about contracts and strongholds.

Commented on 2019-02-06 19:37:05
I really tried to like this game, was even considering buying the Legion of Dawn edition, but I had so many issues with the demo, both technically and design wise. Probably had over 30 technical issues in the 10 hours I played. Even had to uninstall and re-download the game to make the Matchmaking work.

Though those technical issues are fixable with patches, the biggest problems were gameplay and game design decisions, it just wasn't fun to play the game. Neither solo nor with a team. The gunplay just doesn't feel right, some people said it's because of the hit detection of the enemies and the guns and hit sounds, which are very weak and bland.

Tried to join a team so many goddamn times, but the game loaded to the matchmaking screen, then tried to load the mission, failing after almost 1 minute, then throwing me back to the initial screen, where I then had to load the game for almost 2 minutes with a SSD, then repeat the whole process again.

The progression system is really slow, I played for over 4 hours in a single instance in the open world, killed a lot of elite enemies and when I returned to Tardis HQ, my XP only increased around 30% of a level - from level 10 to 11, it was a slog. The treasure chests were also very scarce, went through the whole map and only found 3.

Enemies were bullet sponge as hell and playing solo got extremely unbalanced, I was fighting the boss in the second story mission for almost an hour until its health was 40%, I kept being constantly staggered by almost any enemy attack, couldn't fly or hover much before the boss overcharged my engines, the enemies just kept spawning forever, and the NPCs that should help the player, wel...

The NPCs kept dying all the time and I even witnessed one of them standing still and not shooting the enemy in front of him, just getting damaged till he dropped asking to be revived... after I was bored to death and just couldn't take it anymore, I quit and uninstalled the game.

Still felt that I surely was missing something, it's BioWare and they make great games, so I decided to give it another chance, +43 GBs later, was playing with a team for over 30 minutes and as we were about to finish the second mission, the game froze. No crash, nothing, just froze. Stopped and unistalled for good this time.

I went from very excited and even considering buying the Deluxe Edition to I might check it in a year to see if BioWare fixed it or if it's still shit.
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Commented on 2019-02-06 22:53:46
After that demo there's no way i'd buy this. SO many bugs. I'd be surprised if that demo convinced anyone on the fence to buy it. It seems to have put more people off.

The most annoying bug I had was after about 2 hours of freeroaming I returned only for my level to drop to 1. This locked me out of my secondary weapons, and most of my abilities. Closing the game and re-opening put me back to lvl 10, but it also didn't count those 2 hours as experience toward lvl 11. And nothing I did after that increased it. I was basically stuck 3 quarters into lvl 10 :/

The other annoying one was fighting enemies only for them all to just vanish off the face of the earth with no xp gains or anything. One of those big mech walker things did that just as I was about to kill it. Fucking annoying.

Add in the freezes, lock ups, being kicked to the main menu, and general bad design choices (you have to return to base to receive your loot and exp...which great idea for a game that often crashes and disconnects! :/ And not being able to access your inventory to swap stuff out while in the world is just mind bogglingly dumb.
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Commented on 2019-02-08 16:41:45
That was a pretty good trailer. Gave me confidence.
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