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21/01/2011 à 22:24:42 ARRRG NTVDM.exe YOU SUCK!!

Someone please help! I've been trying to resolve this issue WITHOUT re-installing windows 7. My PC is constantly starting something called ntvdm.exe, and it opens it multiple times- each iteration using about 25% of my PC. Sometimes it opens 4 of them, and it eats 100% of my CPU. Every time I end the process, it just starts up again 5 minutes later. I read it has to do with some kind of 16 bit process or something like that. Even 25% usage is unacceptable as it sometimes ruins any over-night rendering I try to do. I have Microsoft security essentials and use CCleaner for disk/registry clean up. This is driving me nuts, and my scans say my computer is clean. HELP ME TECH-HEADS!! Please...

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22/01/2011 à 01:30:50

Are you running a firewall with program control? At least then you could stop it from running long enough to get at it.

I'm wondering what is making it start in the first place though.

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22/01/2011 à 01:46:08

This is about XP but it seems like it should work in 7 too:

Forums-> Technical Forum-> ARRRG NTVDM.exe YOU SUCK!!:

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