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03/12/2010 à 03:47:25 Closed Headphones for a DP: Sennheiser HD438, HD-280, other?

Here is the deal: We got a digital piano and need some solid $100 headphones. The DP is in the same room as the Xbox 360 and while it doesn't need to be perfectly quiet for DP practice a headphone that has little leakage and can mute some of the ambient noise is desired. Hence open headphones aren't ideal.

I found the following on Amazon which seem decent.

Sennheiser HD-280 PRO Headphones
Pro: 32dB of ambient noise attenuation

Sennheiser HD438
Pro: 4.6' and 10' detachable cables

Sennheiser HD448
Pro: 4.6 ft OFC with 5.2 ft OFC extension; leatherette earpads block out ambient noise

The HD-280's sound like a solid bet. Any suggestions?

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03/12/2010 à 06:03:01

I suggest looking at this one:

AKG Acoustics 518 DJ Headphones

I've been using that for my PC for the last year now and I'm in love with it! Sound is crystal clear, really great ambient noise blocking and it's really comfortable (it can be a snug fit at first, but after a few uses it get's really comfortable...) ( the 2 meter cable is great as well!)

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Forums-> Technical Forum-> Closed Headphones for a DP: Sennheiser HD438, HD-280, other?:

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