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17/08/2011 à 18:20:52 News Column expansion option?

I thought of a new feature for you Gamersyde... What if you added buttons at the bottom between older and newest that gave the option to expand and contract your news column to say 2 or 3 wide. That would display more information on one page, and limit some of the page flipping to find older, but relatively recent news. Of course that might effect the home page size and loading negatively though... I like how it is now, but was playing around with my browser window and thought it would be awesome to stretch it out really wide across dual monitors and then this idea hit me. The order and layout for the extra columns could be like below:

1 Column

2 Column
1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8
9 10
Old|Expand Further|Contract|New

3 Column
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12
13 14 15

I was bored so figured I draw an ASCII art layout of the idea... The word choices can be whichever obviously, I just went with semantics. I thought the idea could go well with your colored "News|Community|Explore|Forum" part and the added information would be awesome to see all on one page. I don't foresee it being too cluttered because your entries are already nicely blocked out, and it is a user choice to expand or not.

Just a thought, no hard feelings! I was having fun with the idea.

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22/08/2011 à 17:23:08

I like the crisp design of gamersyde, but i do sometimes wish the wasted space on left and right was useable, even if to extend the chat box?
while i am here, please i tire of seeing them bloody rabbits put the chiefs head on there with gamersyde reflecting off it...ok ok thats the geek in me talking but i would be happy with that lol :D

plus community button, it aint ever going to work..cant we change that to say a "sales" section, when people can post links to games going cheap on sites like play-amazon-zavvi what ever..
as a community save money together :D.. ok ok thats the poor person in me talking..

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Forums-> Ideas / Bugs-> News Column expansion option?:

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