• Army of Two: The 40th Day

  • Xbox 360, Playstation 3
  • Published by Electronic Arts
  • Developed by Electronic Arts
  • French release: 4th quarter 2009
TRAILER | X360, PS3 Tuesday, January 12, 2010 | 3:04 PM
Launch trailer of Army of Two: The 40th Day

Just a few days before the launch of Army of Two: The 40th Day in Europe, Electronic Arts releases the last trailer of the game. A purchase to consider should you want to enjoy a coop TPS with your friends.

TRAILER | X360, PS3 Thursday, January 7, 2010 | 9:52 AM
Army of Two 2 multiplayer trailer

Electronic Arts also released this trailer showing the four multiplayer modes of Army of Two: The 40th Day.

VIDEO | X360, PS3 Friday, December 18, 2009 | 5:25 PM
Army of Two 40th Day demo videos

The demo of Army of Two: The 40th Day was released yesterday on Xbox Live and PSN and so I decided to capture the Xbox 360 version with the help of Miguel, a French Gamersyder. The game is rather fun to play even though the graphics seem a bit outdated overall and the Aggro system causes some oddd AI reactions at times. I don't know if it will be enough to keep players interested but it is worth a look if you are into action packed coop games. Two more videos will come later this morning.
Update 2: Last video is up.

VIDEO | X360, PS3 Thursday, December 10, 2009 | 5:38 PM
Army of Two: 40th Day intro video

Electronic Arts released the intro video of Army of Two: The 40th Day, not the best looking one ever but I guess it gets the job done.

TRAILER | X360, PS3 Thursday, November 19, 2009 | 4:14 PM
Army of Two 2: Weapons customization

Electronic Arts released this new trailer of Army of Two: The 40th Day showing the weapon customization system of the game. This should please a few people I guess.

TRAILER | X360, PS3 Tuesday, November 10, 2009 | 8:23 PM
Army of Two: 40th Day trailer

Poor lonesome cowboys are not that trendy anymore and the two heroes of Army of Two: The 40th Day intend to prove it by demonstrating how important it is to have a good buddy on the battlefield.

TRAILER | X360, PS3 Thursday, October 22, 2009 | 6:03 PM
Army of Two 2 images and trailer

EA released this new batch of images along with a new trailer of Army of Two: The 40th Day.

DEVELOPER DIARY | X360, PS3 Wednesday, October 14, 2009 | 12:08 PM
Tyler Bates for Army of Two 2

Electronic Arts announces that Tyler Bates has composed the music score for Army of Two: The 40th Day and released this interview of the man. Tyler Bates was responsible for the scores of 300, Watchmen, Californication and many more.

TRAILER | X360, PS3 Tuesday, October 13, 2009 | 9:21 PM
New trailer for Army of Two: 40th Day

The two heroes of Army of Two: The 40th Day are back today in this new video where, once again, real flesh and blood EA staff have to deal with the two CG tough guys. Again, just another day at the office.

IMAGES | X360, PS3 Wednesday, September 23, 2009 | 12:19 PM
Army of Two the 40th Day images

EA has released these new images of Army of Two: The 40th Day. Originally planned for a 2009 release, the game won't hit the shelves before the beginning of next year.

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