DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition
  • DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition

  • Playstation 4, Xbox One
  • Published by Capcom
  • Developed by Ninja Theory
  • French release: Available
  • US release: Available
FIRST 10 MINUTES | PS4, Xbox One Friday, March 13, 2015 | 9:35 PM
Our X1 videos of DmC Definitive Edition

DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition was just released on Xbox One and PS4 and our good friends at the Xbox Network have been kind enough to send us a copy of the Xbox One version. The new 1080p resolution and increased 60 fps framerate are a welcome addition and if you're into beat them ups and have never played this excellent game, you should not hesitate. If you don't believe us, check out our videos inside.

TRAILER | PS4, Xbox One Tuesday, March 10, 2015 | 3:57 PM
DmC Definitive Edition: Launch Trailer

Retail and digital versions of DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition are available today. Aside from the technical improvements, this new edition brings Vergil's Bloody Palace and new skins. Get another look at it with the 60fps launch trailer.

TRAILER | PS4, Xbox One Monday, February 9, 2015 | 7:26 PM
DmC: Vergil's Bloody Palace Gameplay

Capcom has released a 60fps gameplay video of DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition which shows footage of Vergil's Bloody Palace mode. The title will be out on March 10th.

IMAGES | PS4, Xbox One Tuesday, January 13, 2015 | 11:50 AM
DmC Definitive Edition screenshots

It is time now for Capcom to give us these DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition screenshots.

IMAGES | PS4, Xbox One Monday, December 15, 2014 | 5:58 PM
DMC Definitive Edition announced

Capcom announced the release in 2015 of DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition on PS4 and XB1. It's of course a remastered version of DmC, but also it looks like quite a few changes of been done to the game itself, both in terms of content and gameplay. While waiting for a HQ trailer, here are some images.
Also DMC4 was announced on both XB1 and PS4, but it looks like it's a straight port.
Update: 60fps trailer added.

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  • alimokrane
    alimokrane @droezelke: The interesting bits are from the middle of the videos. the tombs bit! (4 minutes ago)
  • droezelke
    droezelke @alimokrane: Looks like a Far Cry game now in terms of hub. (7 minutes ago)
  • alimokrane
    alimokrane I love that difficulty levels actually remove the white paint on ledges to tell you where to go. Been crying for something like that for ages (8 minutes ago)
  • alimokrane
    alimokrane Dont care about all the RPG crap they added but graphically stunning! (11 minutes ago)
  • alimokrane
    alimokrane HOLY SHIT, Shadow of the Tomb Raider looks STUNNING: [url] (14 minutes ago)
  • droezelke
    droezelke @b0vril: I see a standard Hollywood monster movie. Loads of effects, story sounds pretty bite-size, and a bad guy (24 minutes ago)
  • b0vril
    b0vril Yea, that Godzilla trailer is v good. Great music. (52 minutes ago)
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