Area 51
  • Area 51

  • Xbox
  • Published by Midway Games
  • Developed by Midway Games
  • French release: Available

XBOX Saturday, March 5, 2005 | 11:36 AM
Area 51 voice cast video

As an ending for today's Midway videos, here is this small featurette presenting the stars of Area 51's voice casting. I think Marilyn Manson without the make-up could be far more frightening than the game itself :)

XBOX Friday, February 18, 2005 | 9:55 PM
Images and Trailer of Area 51

Area 51 has been mostly forgotten since the last E3, but the game is still in development and should be released at the end of April in Norton America. As a reminder of what this game is all about, here are some new images and a short trailer.

XBOX Tuesday, June 1, 2004 | 7:08 PM
Area 51shows itself

Sympathetic surprise of this E32004, Area 51shares its mysteries through three new screens

PS2, XBOX Monday, May 17, 2004 | 9:56 AM
E3 : Lots of Trailers, the return

Here are a few trailers I missed last week. Not everything is good in there, just take a look at Fight Club !

What's up?
  • rayy
    rayy And Ubi just don't give a fuck about PC gamers as you can see they IQ downgrades plus not making sure the game have raw imput support for PC. (1 minute ago)
  • GriftGFX
    GriftGFX @rayy: Right.. but there's no need to keep all of those training wheels in place when you switch to the mouse. (1 minute ago)
  • GriftGFX
    GriftGFX @rayy: It just seems to me that supporting raw input would be a piece of cake. And it must be, if users can fix it. (1 minute ago)
  • rayy
    rayy The bad thing about gamepads is that they need a bunch of add ons on top to be able to make it work with FPS and that just makes K/M controller suffer the consequence. (1 minute ago)
  • GriftGFX
    GriftGFX @Sdarts: Yeah... but some games CHOKE on high poling rates for some reason. I tried Crytek's "Warface," and it has the appearance of negative acceleration at anything above 125hz. Simply terrible! (2 minutes ago)
  • rayy
    rayy The problem with Ubisoft is that they desing their game arround gamepads as they cater more to Consoles instead of PC. (3 minutes ago)
  • Sdarts
    Sdarts The infamous input lag, it has made me miss so many headshots. lol (28 minutes ago)
  • Game2k
    Game2k Watch all E3 conferences here at Gamersyde. We'll news them 15 min. before they go live. (6 Weeks ago)
  • BlimBlim
    BlimBlim Big update of the game pages, it's now much simpler to find videos and images of a game :) (> 3 Months ago)
  • Driftwood
    Driftwood 4 videos added to our Left Behind Review. Spoiler free obviously. (> 3 Months ago)
  • Driftwood
    Driftwood PC video of the TitanFall beta now up. Incoming X1 footage. (> 3 Months ago)
  • FireWire
    FireWire Good stuff blim! (> 3 Months ago)
  • BlimBlim
    BlimBlim Coming tomorrow, our PS4 videos of Knack, COD Ghost, AC4, Lego Marvel and the demo of Fifa 14! (> 3 Months ago)
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    Game2k SCEJ Press Conference will be live-streamed on Gamersyde on Monday 9th Sept. at 2am EDT. (> 3 Months ago)
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