Deep Down
  • Deep Down

  • TGS: Showfloor gameplay (60 fps)

  • AVC1
  • 7 minutes 32 seconds
  • 1280 x 720
  • 59.94 fps
  • 824.99 MB

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What's up?
  • Sath
    Sath @alimokrane: I meant if that was new from Unity, only way to be sure is until it comes out. (2 minutes ago)
  • aphex187
    aphex187 @GriftGFX: what wasn't? (5 minutes ago)
  • alimokrane
    alimokrane @Sath: Not sure about the music, I have not played any AC game after Brotherhood. (21 minutes ago)
  • Sath
    Sath @alimokrane: Nothing special tbh, seen too many of these already. Though what caught my attention that music from the game? (43 minutes ago)
  • Megido
    Megido @Sdarts: My only point was really that no publisher ever delays a game just to be nice to consumers, they delay because they have to, or because it makes sense form a marketing perspective. (46 minutes ago)
  • alimokrane
    alimokrane not sure if posted here yet but HOW EPIC is this? [url] (49 minutes ago)
  • Sdarts
    Sdarts @Megido: They clearly will be working on other things like DLCs, but they would be doing the same whether the game was delayed or not. And if they can make the game better by 1%, that's great. (50 minutes ago)
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