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10 First Minutes of GUN

10 First Minutes of GUN

Here are the ten first minutes of Gun. From the beginning, Gun has always been the center of polemics, thanks to its underwhelming graphics. Finally, the game is not that ugly and, most importantly, it's really good.

Definitively action-packed, Neversoft's game offers cool gunfights and horse-riding, as well as superb cinematics that develop a credible western universe. Apart from this, GUN certainly is a common action game, True Crime like, but its dynamic gunfights (thanks to aim-locked bullet time) and free-roaming feeling make him an interesting experience, and an enjoyable action-western game. Concerning the video, I have cutted some gameplay scenes during the tutorial, in order to show more cinematics and "real" gunfights. I'm sure you won't mind ;)

10 first minutes of GUN
Download: AVI

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Commented on 2005-11-12 00:34:52
Looks good, downloading!

Will you be doing more of these 10 mins of... videos for 360 games? can't wait for that :)
Commented on 2005-11-12 00:35:52 In reply to jammy2049
Posted by jammy2049
Will you be doing more of these 10 mins of... videos for 360 games? can't wait for that :)
You bet your ass ;)
Commented on 2005-11-12 00:36:24 In reply to jammy2049
Posted by jammy2049
Looks good, downloading!

Will you be doing more of these 10 mins of... videos for 360 games? can't wait for that :)
We sure will. It just depends on when we will get a 360, so it won't be until quite some time.
Commented on 2005-11-12 01:01:46
Have you had the game freeze on you at all? I was enjoying it but then it suddenly froze, which hasn't happened since the damn PS1 days for me.
Commented on 2005-11-12 01:07:59
Is this video from the Xbox 360 version?
Commented on 2005-11-12 01:13:26
The Game isn't ready for 360.
Commented on 2005-11-12 01:28:19 In reply to Sam_Fisher01
Posted by Sam_Fisher01
The Game isn't ready for 360.
yet its being launched in 10 days! :p
Commented on 2005-11-12 01:45:24 In reply to thextreme1
This message is in "Boulet Time" (TM), If you still *really* want to see it, click here

Commented on 2005-11-12 01:53:26
I thought Microsoft had quality control :)
Seriously though, i could play this in the same resolution on my PC and buy it for only $30!!! Regardless of what Activision thinks, graphics are a big part of next gen!!! They seem to have an art team full of monkeys, judging from this and Tony Hawk. I'll wait until they actually utilize the system to buy any of their games.
Commented on 2005-11-12 02:02:38
Okay i got this baby to my pc,and this is how it looks for me :P
Worth get the 360 version still?
Or is this as the best as it can get?
Because this pc is my moms and its in the hallway in our house :P hate playing there,but ofc with headset late at night when all is sleeping its fine.

oh btw the game is great :P not kick ass but great.
Everyone who love western movies will love this baby.




Settings is 1280'1024, highest 2XAA
Commented on 2005-11-12 02:10:35

There is no support for 1280'720 in the pc version,so you cant have the HDTV as in the xbox360,ofc if your a person who can handle your pc you can ofc change it...as usuall,but not me.
Commented on 2005-11-12 03:59:48
This video is, of course, from the Xbox 1 version of GUN. And no, I didn't have any freezes ;)

ps: the game IS ready for 360. Actually, all the Activision 360 games are (Cod2, Gun and Quake 4).
Commented on 2005-11-12 05:25:27
This message is in "Boulet Time" (TM), If you still *really* want to see it, click here

Commented on 2005-11-12 05:55:27
The gameplay will be good, as it's already good on the systems it's out for, but the graphics will no doubt be a huge turnoff for people with a 360.
Commented on 2005-11-12 10:16:08
Very good animation...
Commented on 2005-11-12 10:26:14
Guys i've been playing this game for the last 2 days on my xbox and i must say this is a VERY good game, although i don't know what the graphics are like on a 360, they're pretty good for an xbox. Better yet the gameplay is superb: horseback riding , shootin' , scalping, mining gold, doing side missions (it's almost like gta, a freeroaming area where u can pick sidemissions or do story missions, everything is done really good and i would recommend that you atleast rent this game or something
Commented on 2005-11-12 11:13:29
i don't think activision can handle developing a single title for two generations. I mean, look at Tony Hawk, hardly any improvement there. This is no different. there only note worthy game is Call of Duty 2, which wasn't being developed by the same developer in the current gen version (which is a different title anyway). They should have left this alone.
Commented on 2005-11-12 11:32:37
Yup this game is superb and for anyone buying a 360 that doesn't have an XBox I would definitely recommend picking it up later down the line when the price drops (unless the 360 version does end up offering a lot more graphically that is.)
Commented on 2005-11-12 11:49:43
I finished this game on PC and it was better than I thought. But its not worth buying for x360 because its unbelievably short and easy. And plus there is no replay value. Once you beat it you can't do anything else except roam around and do nothing.
Commented on 2005-11-12 12:06:49
Looks good to me, but i'm not buying anymore xbox games as it's only 3 weeks to 360 ( maybe Half life 2 if it is enhanced for 360).
I will wait to see that version before paying the premium price.
Commented on 2005-11-12 14:09:43
I have a 5 min clip of gameplay and it looks 10x better than this. I hope this is the xbox version. If not the dev should be banned from making games.
Commented on 2005-11-12 14:15:31
okay 2 minutes.

Commented on 2005-11-12 16:07:15 In reply to fohammer
Posted by fohammer
I have a 5 min clip of gameplay and it looks 10x better than this. I hope this is the xbox version. If not the dev should be banned from making games.
It is the Xbox-version.
Commented on 2005-11-12 16:09:41
Some people really need to learn how to read forum posts. It's like they just come in, get a brief idea of SORT of what the topic says, close their eyes while they scroll down, and then just blurt out something uninformed and stupid. It's so incredibly frustrating, but thankfully this is nowhere near as bad as the comment threads on Eurogamer which are just.. KHIIIEEAAARGH! :)

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