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Epic Mickey 2 : First Screens Revealed

Epic Mickey 2 : First Screens Revealed

The action-adventure platforming game Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two has been announced for Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3. Stay Tuned for More Details. You will found below the first screenshots.

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Commented on 2012-03-22 11:32:26
apparently this is to be a musical?
Commented on 2012-03-22 11:38:08
graphically this looks terrible.

i hope this sequel has been created from the ground up on current gen consoles and it isnt just a Wii port. based on the low poly geometry and lack of detail, i'm guessing it's the latter? or maybe these are just screens from the wii version?
Commented on 2012-03-22 14:20:43 In reply to ManThatYouFear
Posted by ManThatYouFear
apparently this is to be a musical?

lame if true.
Commented on 2012-03-22 16:15:27
looks like a PS2 game
Commented on 2012-03-22 20:21:24
I don't think these screens are from 360/PS3. Look at the aliasing and you can clearly see that the resolution is pretty low, and that last one isn't even wide screen. Even if the 360/PS3 versions were just rendering the Wii assets in HD, the resolution wouldn't be that low and there would probably be at least a bit of anti-aliasing.
Commented on 2012-03-22 21:36:27 In reply to IRAIPT0IR
Posted by KORNdog
graphically this looks terrible.
it is the wii you know
Posted by IRAIPT0IR

lame if true.
not really, i dont like musicals myself but come on, fantastic to try something different :D
Commented on 2012-03-23 02:03:21
Oh how Mickey has fallen.....Mickey used to be great...........
Commented on 2012-03-23 13:51:52
I think Mickey deserves to be rendered in crispier detail, than what these screens offer. Just like the new Rayman. (except not in 2D)
Commented on 2012-03-26 06:51:29
I think it will be for move right?
Commented on 2012-03-26 10:56:10 In reply to Alec006
Posted by Alec006
I think it will be for move right?

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