TRAILER | X360, PS3 Friday, June 29, 2012 | 6:30 PM

Guardians of Middle-Earth trailer

Guardians of Middle-Earth trailer

Warners Bros. has released the first gameplay trailer of Monolith's MOBA game Guardians of Middle-Earth. It gives a glimpse of skills and abilities. The game will be out later this year as a digital download for Xbox 360 et PS3.

Gameplay Trailer

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Commented on 2012-06-29 19:06:39
Wow, do we really need another? I mean, between DotA2, LoL and HoN i think we got all bases covered. Also how are they going to fill out the roster? I don't know about DotA or HoN, but LoL is starting to push upwards around 90 champions now...there aren't even that many characters in LotR :P

Also i dont know but unless that shit hits consoles, do yo really think it stands much of a chance to do any numbers in terms of sales? I kinda doubt it.
Commented on 2012-06-30 16:10:00 In reply to Megido
It is hitting consoles, that's the point. It's an MOBA game 'designed for consoles'.

Also, Monolith has said that there will be around 20-30 characters. It's no LoL by any means, but still plenty of choice.

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