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13 min. of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

13 min. of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The Astronauts has just announced the release date for The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, the weird fiction-inspired mystery game. The title will hit PC on September 25th (PS4 version later next year as revealed during Gamescom). Besides that you should take a look at the official site for new details, OST sampler and special pre-order edition. Now what's better than a 13 minutes-long walkthrough commented by Game Designer Adrian Chmielarz to get a good glimpse of what you can expect in a month whe you'll control occult-minded private detective Paul Prospero.
Note: the 2.3Gb file is available only through bittorent, don't worry download speed remains good.

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Commented on 2014-08-21 20:53:22
Wow, this game looks great. Sorta reminds me of Alan Wake or maybe Dear Esther in scenery, but the investigation reminds me a bit of Heavy Rain (minus the abundant QTEs). I will have to check this out.
Commented on 2014-08-21 20:55:16
Those graphics are amazing. Very inovative detective gameplay. I'm sold.
Commented on 2014-08-21 21:11:33
Gamersyde, when will you upload the direct feed walkthroughs\gameplays from Gamescom of Quantum break, Bloodborne and Lords of the Fallen?
Commented on 2014-08-21 21:44:41 In reply to nolak
Hello and welcome.
Understand that when we talk about HQ videos it's more about if rather than when. QB is Microsoft-published which means Youtube only. We asked for Bloodborne but Sony tends to stick to Youtube except for E3/GC trailers. Lords of the Fallen video is a broll so we can't share as it is.
Commented on 2014-08-21 22:46:52 In reply to Game2k
Oh i apologize for that, i thought this was like gametrailers, but instead of getting all these videos at 720P, they would be 1080P here.

Still, theres some great gameplays at 1080P here, like this one.

Thanks for clarifying this and sorry for the "offtopic".
Commented on 2014-08-21 22:55:10 In reply to nolak
No problem. We only share high quality/bitrate videos (which you won't find at Gametrailers) so this makes hard to get everything.
Commented on 2014-08-21 23:39:50 In reply to nolak
Yes know that Gamersyde can't magically acquire footage from some publishers but when they do, they do a damn fine job of hosting it.
For instance that guy from Konami who came through back at E3 and sent the Direct Feed 1080p and 60fps trailers and gameplay videos of MGSV. Hopefully more publishers will get on board with Gamersyde. If you know of any good sources for videos that would be most excellent too. I know that Sony have a great US Press website but I have no idea how you sign up to it. Its this one here
Would be great if you guys could look into this :)
Commented on 2014-08-22 01:27:57
Sweet lord of christ is this a gorgeous game. This is basically going to be a less linear and better version of Murdered Soul Suspect with the awesome pacific northwest Alan Wake/Twin Peaks setting. Preordered.
Commented on 2014-08-22 02:26:56
Looks outstanding and ticks all the right boxes for a game of this kind of genre. Reminds me of Twin Peaks, Myst and Alan Wake.
Commented on 2014-08-22 02:55:45
seems like impressive work. i would like to see how the reviews will be for this next month.
Commented on 2014-08-22 08:13:02 In reply to digi_matrix
Posted by digi_matrix
Sweet lord of christ is this a gorgeous game. This is basically going to be a less linear and better version of Murdered Soul Suspect with the awesome pacific northwest Alan Wake/Twin Peaks setting. Preordered.
Yep, exactly what i thought. It's really high on my to buy list after watched this dev walkthrough.
Commented on 2014-08-22 09:31:36
This game is gorgeous 0_0
Commented on 2014-08-22 10:59:26
Looking fantastic and interesting.
Commented on 2014-08-22 11:53:30
Wow, I think this is what Alan Wake COULD have been rather than what it became. This has intuitive interactions, looks beautiful and the content is really interesting. I just made this a day one purchase!
Commented on 2014-08-22 14:17:36
Hopefully it won't take too long to come to PS4, because my PC won't be able to do this beauty justice.

The level of detail they managed to achieve is fantastic and hopefully the rest of the game holds up with that quality.
Commented on 2014-08-22 14:49:00 In reply to Lafiel
wow that looks bloody fantastic i cant wait...though i will have to get it on ps4

I will say though while the world looks fantastic even details like the old rusty paint on the train The character models do not look that good

i dont understand why the character models are not better, they do not fit with the rest of the game at all
Commented on 2014-08-22 16:38:34
the main aspect of the game seems ok but when he was showing us what else you can do in the game it was not really anything great, maybe it did not actually show us right
Commented on 2014-08-22 19:18:19
Definitely my kinda game. another one to add to the ole Steam wishlist. :)
Commented on 2014-08-23 01:15:52
Looks amazing. Even my wife likes the look of it. PC it is :)

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