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15 First Minutes of Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners...

15 First Minutes of Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners...

After five years crawling on the ground, Call of Cthulhu finally finished the race. It's here I'm telling you ! Nobody knows what happens to these games, wich vanish in the air and never come back, but when they're finally back at home, it's a joy. It's such a joy, we totally forgot to watch the chrono when doing this "10 First Minutes" video...

So, this video showcases the first fifteen minutes of the game, filled with a lot of cinematics and a bit of gameplay. It's worrying, sometimes glaucous, and always very dark. Lovecraft is everywhere in the game, you can feel it. There's a strange athmosphere, something weird. Fans won't be disappointed, from this point of view. And for those who would like to see how the gameplay really is in Cthulhu, just ask. It'll be my pleasure.

10 minutes of Cthulhu
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Commented on 2005-10-28 14:06:34
I spent about an hour with this game last night. Its a good game, but the graphics are about 3-4 years behind the times. Definately creepy though, and the beginning of the game (shown in this video) REALLY leads you to want to discover what happened in those 6 years you lost...especially starting with those first few minutes right after you black out!

This game reminds me of a few movies. "In the Mouth of Madness" comes to mind first.
Commented on 2005-10-28 15:38:16
Too bad I don't have an xbox anymore. They took way to long to get the game out.
Commented on 2005-10-28 15:40:17
it looks like a dreamcast game lol

Commented on 2005-10-28 16:55:46
Eurogamer gave an 8 to this one, i'll probably get it, no other survival horror coming for xbox but this one. Besides, people on the oficial forums are praising it a lot.
Commented on 2005-10-28 18:24:54
I'll be getting Fatal Frame 3 before this, I'll definitely rent it.
Commented on 2005-10-28 18:43:25
It doesn't look like a Dreamcast game, I've got it and it's amazingly atmospheric and if you've read the Lovecraft story "Shadow Over Innsmouth" you'll be gobsmacked at the detail it goes into!
Commented on 2005-10-29 00:26:20 In reply to Slabs
Posted by Slabs
It doesn't look like a Dreamcast game, I've got it and it's amazingly atmospheric and if you've read the Lovecraft story "Shadow Over Innsmouth" you'll be gobsmacked at the detail it goes into!
Commented on 2005-10-29 09:43:45
I disagree that the graphics look 3-4 years behind. I think it's one of the better looking Xbox games, with detailed texture work and solid environments and characters. The art design and presentation really do the job of creating a thick, moody atmosphere.

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