X360 Friday, February 24, 2006 | 1:47 PM

New 99 nights video

New 99 nights video

Finally! It's been months since we last saw Ninety Nights in motion, but Microsoft and Q Entertainment finally released and brand new and quite long video of this very anticipated game, to be released on April 20 in Japan.
Update : 720p version online.

February trailer
Download: AVI
720p february 06 trailer
Download: WMV HD

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Commented on 2006-02-24 14:17:32
Uaooo!! It looks amazing!!
Thanks so much BlimBlim

Can somebody tell me something about the plot and gameplay?
Commented on 2006-02-24 14:22:54
one word.........MASSIVE!!
Commented on 2006-02-24 14:26:28
looks cool
nice graphics, sound and promising characters/story.
but is this game really all about hack´n slay?
Commented on 2006-02-24 14:28:17
and its ingame so i loved it..
Commented on 2006-02-24 14:32:03

the amount of people on screen at once is hilarious...reminds me of the matrix reloaded when agent smith just kept coming
Commented on 2006-02-24 14:32:06
That looks fantastic!
If this don't sell the 360 in Japan nothing will.
Not even free 360 Sushi with every console.
Commented on 2006-02-24 14:32:53
MS has lost interest in japan...korea is there new asian baby
Commented on 2006-02-24 14:34:17
Wow, the visuals are full of the sort of lighting and other post-processing effects
Commented on 2006-02-24 15:14:25
It's amazing how some developers can put so many details on screen with no visible slowdown. While others can't place an ant on a leaf without bringing a console to a crawl.
Commented on 2006-02-24 15:17:35
The impressive looking pictures (picture 6,7,8,9,15,16,17) are CGI, they have to be because the gameplay looks alot worse compare to them.
Commented on 2006-02-24 15:36:39
Not necessarily CG. Most of them may be real-time high poly cutscenes ala mgs.
Commented on 2006-02-24 15:40:55
8 and 9 are realtime.
Commented on 2006-02-24 16:05:47
newer graphics chips like that in the 360 and the PS3 allow them to do a special thing to get this number of characters on the screen at once. you'll notice that although they can all move independantly, they're based on just a few models.

when i played that ancient demo that was floating around at the launch parties (and crashed super easily) the cutscenes that ran with the in-game engine, weren't too far away from some of the things that look like CGI. i would guess they probably could've done some of those scenes with the engine had they wanted to with slightly better models and longer load-times :)
Commented on 2006-02-24 16:06:25
looks like plausble real time to me, cut scenes often look better than ingame due to fixed camera angles and refined animation. Look like its shaping up to be awsome, i think purchase i on the cards. Any news when a euro release blim?
Commented on 2006-02-24 16:12:13
Wow... This game is going to be loads of fun. Even IF it turned out to be like a Dynasty Warriors type game, the detail and little touches they've put into this will make it great. The only thing that could make it better (for me) would be an online co-op mode. (Don't know if anything has been announced about that yet)
Commented on 2006-02-24 16:43:52
I just watched the video and have to say that the ingame graphics are very unimpressive, some cut scenes are pretty good, but gameplay looks very average, doesnt look next-gen. I wish the cgi graphics would be the graphics of this-gen :-(
Commented on 2006-02-24 16:47:05
WOW amazing... did inphyy die? Also at like 26 seconds left in the video CHECK OUT METAL ON HER ARMOR INCREDIBLE!!!

I gotta have this game....

I'm hoping to god that you get new abilities as you go on. Like you get new more improved abilities that not happening is the ONLY possible thing that can limit this game.

Inphy dies??? And check the amazing look on the witches face at like 22 seconds left.
Commented on 2006-02-24 16:52:58
The animations of the warriors are bad. They are all moving their legs in the same time and on the same way and they walk like they are on a running band.
Commented on 2006-02-24 16:53:53
finally got to see about 1 second of that water effect :D
Commented on 2006-02-24 16:56:28
Let all write a petition to MS to bring a Demo of N3 for the US/Europe region on March 1st. They're forgetting their most loyal customers dammit. It's BS, I don't want to create a fake hotmail account to get a demo.
Commented on 2006-02-24 17:00:08
Who else saw the stunning smoke effect during actual gameplay?
Commented on 2006-02-24 17:11:48
I'm looking forward to this game SO much... it's almost disgusting...

I think the day that they announce a US release date... should be a holiday! hahahahaha
Commented on 2006-02-24 17:35:13 In reply to skyform
Posted by skyform
The animations of the warriors are bad. They are all moving their legs in the same time and on the same way and they walk like they are on a running band.
You know the same thing happens in Heavenly Sword. I am guessing that is not next gen either. Oh well none of the next gen consoles are next gen I guess.

Commented on 2006-02-24 18:02:05
LOL...How the HELL did any of you two see that!? I wasn't able to see any of what was said in regards to the animation. You my friend must have a bionic eye!
Commented on 2006-02-24 18:08:01 In reply to skyform
Posted by skyform
I just watched the video and have to say that the ingame graphics are very unimpressive, some cut scenes are pretty good, but gameplay looks very average, doesnt look next-gen. I wish the cgi graphics would be the graphics of this-gen :-(
Yeah...um... One day someone going to have to explain to me what "next-gen" means. It starting to sound like a political buzz-word.

Anyhoo... The graphics most certainly are impressive and nothing that could be done with the game rigs prior to the 360. The fact is games will never look exactly like CGI because post-processing and pre-scripted animations always beat out realtime graphics... It's just a technical fact. As Realtime gets better, so does CGI.

Even if the graphics were EXACTLY like the CGI from the camera's high position you'd miss out on the details most of the time.
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