X360, PS3 Thursday, June 5, 2008 | 12:53 PM

2 DBZ Burst Limit videos

2 DBZ Burst Limit videos

Atari released two more videos of Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit, with the ever shouting Vegeta and his son Trunks in action.
Update: Added Picollo's video.


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Commented on 2008-06-03 17:31:04
I'm so gonna get this. This is part of my childhood!

I think I'm right with saying: you're able to switch voices to Japanese.
Commented on 2008-06-03 17:39:02
i think in this case english voices are better, goku has a terrible japanese voice
Commented on 2008-06-03 18:09:42
I'm sorry... what? Goku's English voice is 100% awful.
Commented on 2008-06-03 18:18:22
I have seen several trailers now and I'm still impressed on how good the graphics are :)
Commented on 2008-06-03 19:01:44
i wish I could switch the audio to brazilian portuguese. all of the voices sound like children's voices in both english and japanese audio. I like the portuguese dubs (for Brazil).
Commented on 2008-06-03 20:54:40
if got it already
Commented on 2008-06-03 23:03:19
I'm going to have to agree with R3VOLV3R here, I don't think you guys know how ridiculous the adult characters sound in Japanese audio.
Commented on 2008-06-04 01:43:45
gokus voice in english IS my childhood, its godly! japanese voice is done by a girl and sound (lmao) funny. I cudn't take the show seriously as they sounded like they were taking the piss :P
Commented on 2008-06-04 01:56:18
I wish I could get the French voices but since I live in North America i'll settle with the Japanese audio.
Commented on 2008-06-04 03:26:17
Portuguese voice overs crap all over these. That's a first. hehe

These ones just sound like...kids.
Commented on 2008-06-04 13:02:12 In reply to RazorbackVI
Posted by RazorbackVI
gokus voice in english IS my childhood, its godly! japanese voice is done by a girl and sound (lmao) funny. I cudn't take the show seriously as they sounded like they were taking the piss :P
thats exactly what i thought, its like they was taking the piss. i normally love jap voice over english though jus not on goku.

i may actually get this game, it will be my first beatem up since the mortal kombat on megadrive
Commented on 2008-06-04 13:18:53
The graphics are good but the gameplay not rly!
Commented on 2008-06-04 15:22:45
To be fair this is the same as all the others with a few new (albeit cool) new features. What I am really waiting for now is the MMO, I may be waiting a while but it looks great!
Commented on 2008-06-06 14:11:24
it looks so cooool....
i love it.

what kind of MMO'll it be? title?
Commented on 2008-06-08 11:43:43

X360 or PS3.
Which Version is better?

Can't find a comparison.

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