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2 images of Tom Clancy's Endwar

2 images of Tom Clancy's Endwar

Ubisoft releases two screenshots of Endwar, new franchise created after a Tom Clancy book. Developed by the Shangai team (Splinter Cell: Double Agent), Endwar is supposed to be a fresh and unique attempt to do RTS on console, quite different from what we've seen in, for exemple, Battle for Middle Earth 2. Time will tell !

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Commented on 2007-05-10 03:42:28
Love the Tom Clancy games, so this one probably won't be an exception.
Commented on 2007-05-10 04:31:16 In reply to romeolives
Posted by romeolives
Love the Tom Clancy games, so this one probably won't be an exception.
i too love the tom clancy games, sadly i hate RTS's
Commented on 2007-05-10 12:12:13
Those EA RTS's are straight ports from PC though, no surprise that this is different being made probably for consoles. The problems with both BFME and C&C is that you canb't work quick anough at times, and selection can be difficult. With a console specific RTS, they could over come this problem with a completely different engine or control scheme.
Commented on 2007-05-10 12:22:03
Looks very nice for an RTS
Commented on 2007-05-10 12:33:14
sorry im not the brightest guy,is RTS like command and conquer type gameplay?
if so,im gutted was hyped over another TC game but if its not like vegas or graw im out of the que
Commented on 2007-05-10 12:57:39
Yeah graphics are ok... But I don't really think it might be a good RTS :D
Commented on 2007-05-10 21:08:39
Oh dear! Fighting in Paris!
Commented on 2007-05-11 01:24:00
Second picture made me go WOWEY WOW WOW! Holy crap that looks insane!!
Commented on 2007-05-11 09:23:06
Holly Molly This must be my birthday ! :P

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