X360 Monday, February 27, 2006 | 10:46 AM

4 Bomberman Act Zero images

4 Bomberman Act Zero images

Hudson Soft released these 4 images of Bomberman Act Zero, the brand new and really strange episode of the famous series. To be released on May 25 in Japan.

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Commented on 2006-02-27 11:01:15
Are these like realtime cut-scene shots? I don't know what to make of these.... "p
Commented on 2006-02-27 11:17:32 In reply to adelante
these image looks more from a spanw version than a boberman game.
how the hell are we going to apreciate that.
Commented on 2006-02-27 11:36:29
He's an ugly lil chump ain't he..

I wonder if one comes in Pink :D
Commented on 2006-02-27 11:55:23
This is supposed to be a XBL Arcade game right? It -might- be worth a try. You gotta give Hudson soft props for having the balls to change the art style this much. Now whether it will sell more copies or not, I have no idea.
Commented on 2006-02-27 12:23:08
Well if it is an XBL Arcade game then it looks pretty good. I personally welcome the new art style, its about time Bomberman got an upgrade...
Commented on 2006-02-27 12:52:38
yea, it looks purty cool... can anyone tell me why my name is green? im just curious
Commented on 2006-02-27 13:44:35
It isn't XBLA but I believe it is being released at a cheaper price than other games.
Commented on 2006-02-27 14:51:54
Nooooooooo! Don't destroy Bomberman's image!! :(
Commented on 2006-02-27 15:29:08
I welcome this new image, besides, the old bomberman looked too much like the Dig Dug dude............ isn't his name Dug? But I will wait on this and see what develops.
Commented on 2006-02-27 16:04:33
This is not a Live Arcade title, but inexpensive.
3129yen(=27$) in Japan
Commented on 2006-02-27 16:12:36
new bomberman-look = lol
Commented on 2006-02-27 16:44:15
At least the made something new... I guess.
Looks cool.
Commented on 2006-02-27 18:52:47
It pretty much looks like crap....
Commented on 2006-02-27 20:49:25
This looks terrible IMO. I would have appreciated an XBLA, 4 player, classic style bomberman with online play a lot more. But hey, to each their own I guess.
Commented on 2006-02-28 00:47:05
Doesn't look next gen.. I can't see how this looks next gen...can you guys?

Seems like it's possible on the xbox.

How hard can it be to give this game next gen visuals..there are no huge worlds to load like oblivion..no intense AI from thousands of enemies, or sam fisher's butt kicking animations required ..

what the hell is stopping them? Do they already know the game might not sell well, so why bother putting such effort and money into creating it?
Commented on 2006-02-28 02:50:22
I applaud the new look that Hudson Soft has developed, as it presents the game in a new light that a hardcore gamer can respect and casual gamers aswell. Where the past bomberman games with the cute visuals may have only really appealed to the fans and casual crowd. Also the fact that they are trying something new and interesting, where they could have simply created another cookie cutter Bomberman game for some quick bucks.
Commented on 2006-02-28 06:28:19

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