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4 images of Call of Juarez

4 images of Call of Juarez

Ubisoft finally officializes the Xbox 360 port of Call of Juarez. As usual, here are the screenshots following the announcement. The game looks pretty good, even though it still feels very cold.

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Commented on 2007-03-15 20:17:37
err at the grass in the 2nd pic
Commented on 2007-03-15 20:18:58
If it looks like that and runs properly then ok. If not, DIE!
Commented on 2007-03-15 20:29:14
I hate to say it, but visually it looks like Gun 1.5
Commented on 2007-03-15 21:00:16 In reply to graf1k
Posted by graf1k
I hate to say it, but visually it looks like Gun 1.5
Come on, the pictures look photo-realistic in spots. The house in the first shot and the 3rd and 4th shot look great. Certainly more realistic and better lit than Gun and definitely a great shot in the arm for the 360 as most every title released has had some sort of artistic styling to it., which I hate. Especially Gears Of War, which everyone hails as the end all, be all of graphics. Gears artistic style is boring and repetitive, not to mention lacking in the color department. I have been waiting for a realistic looking game since launch and welcome anything that comes close. Hopefully the gameplay lives up to the graphics.
Commented on 2007-03-15 22:09:33
I love it!
Commented on 2007-03-15 22:12:54
Don't judge these screenshots like that grass in determining the graphical quality. If you've played the game on the PC, you would know that in motion this game is beautiful.
Commented on 2007-03-15 22:14:02 In reply to graf1k
Posted by graf1k
I hate to say it, but visually it looks like Gun 1.5
Oh come on, it's not that bad :/
Commented on 2007-03-15 22:16:48 In reply to thextreme1
yes I agree with this opinion. call of juarez is not gun 1.5. perhaps coj in not perfect but crash gun in gamplay(i my opinion). pastor misions ar crazy:D
Commented on 2007-03-15 23:06:22
From the trailers i saw from the PC version the gameplay actually looks pretty good, good pics too.
Commented on 2007-03-15 23:31:19
im keeping an eye on it. from the first trailer it kind of looked like what GUN should have been!
Commented on 2007-03-16 00:32:05
I don't know, most objects have that blocky PC feel to it . . ... this is a next-gen console, c'mon . . ... . I'm not impressed, more like Gun 1.2 ;)
Commented on 2007-03-16 00:53:44
I personally think that pc games tend to look kind of `square`?......almost too `real` to be real (if you get me). They try to be so damn perfect that they end up looking the opposite of what they intended to be. Consoles always seem to smooth this fakery over and that`s what I`ve always liked. It still looks nice in places, but there`s waaaay too many good games for the 360 this year for me to be that interested in this. Mind you though, it may end up being a Halo beater (joke).
Commented on 2007-03-16 02:51:39
I actually liked Gun. I can't forgive the developers for the release of Gun on the 360 though. This looks a lot better and I hope it will play as well as Gun. The only gripe I have with the visuals are those blades of grass in that second pic.
Commented on 2007-03-16 04:58:04 In reply to thextreme1
geez dude I respect your opinion but you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. The main problem with most games is that they are trying to look realistic when there is no way they can achieve that, look at Final Fantasy movie, and that wasn't even real time and still didn't look real, so for creative art directors this is the chance to come with new creative visual looks that look good without trying to look photo realistic. That is why games like Gears, Bioshock, Zelda, Okami etc looks great, someone actually put some creative process into making them. Not just making pretty picture because it almost looks nice, I guess only other creative people appreciate them while general public get orgasms over tech games like Crysis. I’m sorry dude, I just find it sad and uninspiring.

And as for the 4 images of Call of Juarez, it looks sh**, still some hope in gameplay department. Let’s be honest, it’s not like Focus ever published any specially good games, we’ll see if this polish developer who makes it changes it for them.
Commented on 2007-03-16 05:24:01
Why do so many games have crappy looking grass? I don't get it.
Commented on 2007-03-16 07:27:52
some reason i thought this had something to do with call of cathulu (cant spell it ;) )
Commented on 2007-03-16 13:21:34 In reply to Animan
good grass is very heavy to do, if you think about it you don't want only some grass but lots of it, also maybe not static but with some animations etc etc so some games like Crysis and Oblivion have custom made game engines (Cryengine and Gamebryo etc) for assets like that and vegetation.

The way grass looks in Call of Juarez is a bit too crappy, I am guessing they had some alpha transparency problems when they took these screenshots (look at grass in image 2 & 3), its still early in developmant, or its just a placeholder grass.
Commented on 2007-03-16 14:29:51
better in video !!
Commented on 2007-03-16 15:51:15
I dont see myself picking this one up.
Commented on 2007-03-19 11:20:06
looks realy better than my pc with GF7600 & athlon3500+

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