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Images of Haze

Images of Haze

Ubisoft and Free Radical release some new images of the controversial FPS Haze. Obviously, Photoshop has been doing some dramatic extra time over these... again.

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Commented on 2008-04-29 21:08:25
The reason why they show mostly all their images in this top notch bullshot quality is because they know the game itself has sucky gaphics, so they want to "cheat" through screenshots.

I don't understand why they do this, sooner or later we all will be seing gameplay, so whats the point of releasing bullshots, do they think we are stupid :S

Seriously, if the gameplay (demo early May) impresses me then i might consider buying it, but graphically, it is not good as these images, which makes the gameplay visuals dissapointing.
Commented on 2008-04-29 21:20:06
Oh C'mon the game is not that bad, it basically looks like those screens with less AA
Commented on 2008-04-29 21:27:22
There's a controversy surrounding this game? News to me...

And publishers editing screenshots? That's nothing new. If they're not captures done by a third party, they're most likely touched up.
Commented on 2008-04-29 21:28:18
Heavily photoshopped. They should be prevented from doing this, as its not far from being false advertising!
Commented on 2008-04-29 21:49:04
bullshots or not, the game looks great. gameplay looks fun, premis and story seem original, i'll be buying day one. unless of course the demo is close to turok/darksector levels of crapness in terms of clunky, slow controls.
Commented on 2008-04-29 21:51:28
WOW! Doctored beyond belief!!!!
Commented on 2008-04-29 21:52:35
I just can't get into this game. The graphics are meh and the story is meh. However, the demo could win me over if the four player co-op somehow ends up being fun.
Commented on 2008-04-29 23:11:31
Ironically, when I clicked on one of the images, there was ad in the pop up window that said "Learn Photoshop in just two hours!". Lmao.
Commented on 2008-04-29 23:13:52
Oh my god... this screenshots are... not screenshots :D
maybe the basic graphics are ingame... but there are a LOT of filters applied!!!
Very nice explosions anyway
Commented on 2008-04-30 00:02:14
Actually I think these are wallpapers. Could be wrong though.
Commented on 2008-04-30 00:39:26
this game is out in what a month and they are releasing bullshots like , not looking good
Commented on 2008-04-30 02:48:30
Nothig Special but ok.
Commented on 2008-04-30 08:31:17
I don't understand why anyone is at all impressed by this "innovative" game.

Mainly becuase it's about as innovative as Bioshock was: Ergo, Not.

It's just that gamers like to think that the game they are playing means more than the standard patriotic movie rip-off FPS they're used to. What a load of pretentious crap.
Commented on 2008-04-30 11:54:26 In reply to TheDj
Posted by TheDj
Ironically, when I clicked on one of the images, there was ad in the pop up window that said "Learn Photoshop in just two hours!". Lmao.
Hahahaha, very good *lol* ^^

The game seems to be good. During the whole developpment time I lost interests into this game, but now I'll keep an eye on it, again. Waiting for first reviews and meanings of players. Perhaps a purchase.
Commented on 2008-04-30 13:11:55
ubi soft = great game
Commented on 2008-04-30 13:24:51
The game looked pretty generic from the start.
Commented on 2008-04-30 13:35:40 In reply to lb003g0676
Posted by lb003g0676
I don't understand why anyone is at all impressed by this "innovative" game.
It's made by Free Radical. If you knew the history of that company, it would be kind of a big deal to you to see what they're capable of with this game.
Commented on 2008-04-30 15:08:34
No one ever said it was innovative

Also no amount of photoshop can save that character model in the foreground in the 2nd to last picture
Commented on 2008-04-30 18:39:19
photohaze :)
Commented on 2008-05-01 11:51:07
there should clearly be some sort of laws governing this...this is basically false advertising. I don't think i've ever seen more doctored shots! o.O
Commented on 2008-05-01 17:02:01 In reply to mt_sabao
Posted by mt_sabao
there should clearly be some sort of laws governing this...this is basically false advertising.
I hate it when they do that. When they release these type of screenshots and then us "watchers" will belive that is how the game will look like (before gameplay shows).

They shouldn't release these type of mock up images, aren't they proud of their engine? :S

If they aren't proud of it then don't show it and work on the graphics, but don't try fool us with photoshop image magic stuff, it won't work.

We say "alright it looks great, but lets see gameplay".

*gameplay shows*

wtf happened with the graphics we saw in those screenshots :S

Atleats when Guerilla released a few patch of screenshots they admitted it was "doctored" with, hat way being honest about it is good, but releasing such thing and not saying anything is stupid and low.

But I will definitely try the demo out, it looks and seems to be fun.
If the controls arent clunky and seems to play good andit entertains me enough to keep going, it means I will get it.
Commented on 2008-05-01 17:46:39 In reply to TheDj
Posted by TheDj
Ironically, when I clicked on one of the images, there was ad in the pop up window that said "Learn Photoshop in just two hours!". Lmao.
lol exact same thing happened to me!!! They should just show us bloody normal shots and stop decieving us with bullshots >:(
Commented on 2008-05-02 20:27:39
Heh heh, they are so fake they look like illustrations for a trade magazine.

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