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6 images of Colin McRae: Dirt

6 images of Colin McRae: Dirt

Codemasters releases some new screenshots of Colin McRae: Dirt, including a few already published in magazines last month. Until we can finally try the game hands-on, let's just appreciate its brilliant graphics.

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Commented on 2007-04-04 18:14:59
wow these actually look really good! when is this game coming out?
Commented on 2007-04-04 18:16:27
Commented on 2007-04-04 18:18:40
I don't care what anyone says, those graphics look outstanding. If anyone slags them off, then I seriously think you need an eye check because I don't see many 360 games of this genre looking as good (Except Forza).
Commented on 2007-04-04 18:19:01
Commented on 2007-04-04 18:21:05
Lovelly :D
Commented on 2007-04-04 18:34:16
Yeah it looks awesome!
Commented on 2007-04-04 18:49:09 In reply to Nit3m4re
Posted by Nit3m4re
I don't care what anyone says, those graphics look outstanding. If anyone slags them off, then I seriously think you need an eye check because I don't see many 360 games of this genre looking as good (Except Forza).
Commented on 2007-04-04 18:58:03
yup looks amazing but again that gameplay trailer was a downgrade and since then i dont trust these "In-Game" screenshots anymore for this game
Commented on 2007-04-04 19:03:19
Impressive. Although I sure hope the frame rate is steady and it better not dip below 30 fps because I'm already disappointed by it not being 60 fps in the first place. Regardless, this is a must buy game for me.
Commented on 2007-04-04 19:22:45
have any of you seen pgr4? it looks jaw dropping !! 0_0
Commented on 2007-04-04 19:47:09
This is in my opinion one of the best looking next-gen games so far. I dont know how to describe it to you, but everything is perfect.

and also: The HUD looks really slik
Commented on 2007-04-04 20:19:06

Right.. so the cars are in the air _before_ the jump? Physics sure seems messed up.
Commented on 2007-04-04 20:19:38
funny how ok looking game like this gets comments like "stunning" and forza 2 screens allways get least 3 pages of nagging how bad it looks :D F2 teams should use at least 50% blurrin like codemasters to win peoples hearts xD
Commented on 2007-04-04 20:39:24
These shots do look good. I'll need to see some more gameplay trailers though, hi-res, direct feed, good quality so we can really tell.
Commented on 2007-04-04 20:42:08
Looks good. I'm with RC_Master though, I want to see some real gameplay videos. I love screen shots as much as anyone, but there's something about this game that makes me a little uncertain.
Commented on 2007-04-04 22:01:17
I _KNEW_ the blur would make it look stunning!

The day's of screenshots which are literally unbelievable are over for months imo.
I think games like Forza get way too hyped. Okay this is a totally different genre, with better things on it's own side. But.. argh :p
Commented on 2007-04-04 23:05:19
The pictures we've seen so far - Mcrae or Sega ?
Commented on 2007-04-05 01:55:37
I fail to see the problem people have with using blur to make something look better...
Commented on 2007-04-05 09:49:07 In reply to samhain81
Posted by samhain81
Oh, shut up already.

And SDRY if you think this game only looks OK, I'd hate to think of you opinion on GOW's graphics. I mean, come on - this game is probably the closest thing to photo realistic yet.
Commented on 2007-04-05 11:25:56
Looks good enough to me, just hope it not too arcady like.

Need a new Richard Burns for next gen that would be kick ass
Commented on 2007-04-05 11:28:43
This looks awesome.
Commented on 2007-04-05 12:08:42 In reply to Xion4360
Posted by Xion4360
have any of you seen pgr4? it looks jaw dropping !! 0_0
Have you?
Commented on 2007-04-05 13:13:37 In reply to housewarmer
Posted by housewarmer
Oh, shut up already.
Commented on 2007-04-05 17:05:45
Damn GOOD! near CG good!

Moving though...... I'm almost convinced, but not quite yet.
Commented on 2007-04-06 12:24:55
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