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720p Dead or Alive 4 images

720p Dead or Alive 4 images

Here are finally some high resolution images of the motion blur effet in Dead or Alive 4. Now let's see how it looks in motion.

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Commented on 2005-07-25 22:07:09
it's looking wonderful already . . ... bought ;)
Commented on 2005-07-25 23:24:17

Looks like you already have a vid of it. :P

Looks damn hot!!
Commented on 2005-07-25 23:37:56
Nice! I am just worried with this DVD vs. HD-DVD / bluray, I just wish Microsoft would have gone with HD-DVD(I suppose Sony's bluray ain't and option).
Commented on 2005-07-25 23:39:55
I still can't understand why they don't give the characters skin-textures, the graphics would have been so realistic...
Commented on 2005-07-26 00:14:06 In reply to KnifeFace
Yeah, the characters would look much better if they had better lighting and skin textures, along with self-shadowing.
Commented on 2005-07-26 00:17:35 In reply to KnifeFace
Posted by KnifeFace
I still can't understand why they don't give the characters skin-textures, the graphics would have been so realistic...
Actually they do have skin textures. :P If you mean realistic looking skin, well, I don't really think that would look very good wrapped onto these anime-looking character models.
Commented on 2005-07-26 08:48:27
This is one of those examples where graphics take first priority over gameplay, DOA for me has always been a really shallow fighting game that lacks any real depth compared to games like Virtua Fighter, and maybe that's all Tecmo set out to accomplish with this title. I'm just not a big fan of button mashing fighting games that look pretty but leave you starved in the gameplay mechanics area. Bring on VF5 I say!
Commented on 2005-07-26 10:17:05
Ominou, your avatar explains everything ^^
Commented on 2005-07-26 14:50:34
My guess: Ominou5 has never actually played DoA.
The counter system of DoA PREVENTS success by button mashing at all.
and VF was never an example for complex game mechanics I may add. even if I always liked the game.
Commented on 2005-07-26 17:24:42
Your guess that I have never played Dead or Alive is a wrong one and a rather blind assumption at that. Infact I own Dead or Alive for Xbox. Sure Dead or Alive has the counter feature to prevent players from button mashing but that wasn't the point I was making, what I'm saying is in general the game is a button masher, there are only two attack buttons Punch and Kick and a third button which is block, and the moves are relatively easy to pull off even for a complete newbie player. Now compare this game to VF and you will easily see the differences, there is so much more depth to the fighting engine in VF than DOA's and has a far steeper learning curve for newbie players. If you still don't believe me go check out and compare move list's for each game

DOA3 http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/xbox/game/475251.h...
VF4 http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/game/563568.ht...
Commented on 2005-07-26 18:17:58
DOA's presentation is unrivaled. And it's more fun.

Besides they're redoing the move sets for each character. Maybe you should wait and see.
Commented on 2005-07-26 23:23:41
DOA is a lot more fun than VF has ever been, and the best Soul Calibur is still the Dreamcast version. PS can keep it.

I do have to admit that i'm disappointed with the visuals so far though. A high resolution DOA3 with different backdrops isn't going to cut it with me. I really expect more realism. The character models look almost exactly the same other than a few subtleties. I'm really getting tired of the porcelain anime look. There isn't much more they can do with it that wasn't already done on the Xbox. There is still time though before its release, so i'm just waiting.
Commented on 2005-07-27 18:30:16
Well let's be honest, the Xbox DOA3 was only a high res Dreamcast DOA2.

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