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7 Command & Conquer 3 images

7 Command & Conquer 3 images

Electronic Arts released these 7 images of the much awaited Command and Conquer 3. Looking good.

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Commented on 2007-01-22 12:01:25
STUNNING cant wait :D, and dont give me this shit that the buildings are ugly, if you dont like them BLOW THEM UP! :D

better have a decent frame rate though ...*thinks on lord of the rings ...vomits blood*
Commented on 2007-01-22 12:08:02
That building in the 4th screenshot kindof looks like a building we have here in Amsterdam, I think it's the HQ of the ING bank.. It's in the form of a huge shoe..

See: http://inghouse.ing.com/nl/images/welcome04.jpg (ok doesn't quite look like it)

P.s. game looks cool too.. Probably gonna get it on PC..
Commented on 2007-01-22 13:03:51
My next RTS for sure.
i hope there isn't any slowdown issues though!?
Commented on 2007-01-22 13:24:32
Looks cool.
Commented on 2007-01-22 14:07:28
Wow. The visual quality is really nice. Not much of a traditional RTS fan, but wow, this looks really good and fun. Lots of explosions :)
Commented on 2007-01-22 14:25:49
i just need to see it in motion, got a bad feeling it is going to chug :(
Commented on 2007-01-22 14:53:36
I'd be surprised if this does chug, should get somewhat more dev time then LOTR got.
Commented on 2007-01-22 16:51:01
Are games like this really fun? I want to know because I'm always willing to try something new. I saw LOTR and I must say that I was not impressed. I saw the game demo at EB Games and it chugged alot. I couldn't really understand because it didn't scream anything dynamic as far as graphics. I'll probably sit this one out until I hear more from the fans.
Commented on 2007-01-22 16:51:49
I hope this will NOT be next Ground Control 2... :(
Commented on 2007-01-22 17:40:05
i can not wait for this game, i love RTS games, i do have a small nagging feeling about this game, the controls might be sluggish if you are used to mouse and keyboard, but LOTRBFME 2 control system was not too bad, but you could not control individual soldiers, and the frame rate was a bit slow when involved in heavy battles, but i hope EA sort that problem out, but that said the 360 needs to attract new converts to the console, and i believe that this game will bring a lot of PC gamers to the 360.
Commented on 2007-01-22 18:20:46
I hope they will make good use of the controller.
Commented on 2007-01-22 22:12:31
The original C&C was like crack. I swear i remember one game lasting almost 6 hours...crazy good times. I hope the pc version isn't just a bad port....
Commented on 2007-01-22 23:25:59
yes. finally a sequel to the original C&C. ive been waiting forever. i absolutely hated the other ones.

question: will this run better on a 360 or a 6800GT?
Commented on 2007-01-23 01:01:38 In reply to DirtPipeMilkShake
Posted by DirtPipeMilkShake
yes. finally a sequel to the original C&C. ive been waiting forever. i absolutely hated the other ones.

question: will this run better on a 360 or a 6800GT?
Well, hard to say (what processor do you have?) but one would figure that the 360 has a bit more horsepower than that. If you've got a fast enough CPU though, I can see this running well on your PC.

I think a better question is, which controller do you want to play this with, and in what sort of enviroment? If you're more comfortable sitting on your couch with a 360 pad in hand, then go for it...if you want the fastest input possible for this sort of game, get the windows version.
Commented on 2007-01-23 06:38:33
I've got a 3.4 P4 with a gig-o-ram. I'd assume that my 360 would run this a lot better, but then I see the difference in performance with games like FEAR, Quake, or Prey, and I scratch my head. So, I most likely will end up just waiting to see how the 360 handles it. We need 360 videos soon I guess.

I heard on a recent 1UP Yours podcast that the PC version will let users select individual units, whereas the 360 version will restrict selections to groups like in BFMEII. I'd have to see it in motion to really make a judgement call here too.
Commented on 2007-01-23 07:37:03
Well, you could always rent the 360 version before making any decisions, and if this follows the BFME2 pattern at all I wouldn't be suprised if we saw a pre-release demo.

I'd probably pick my platform based around the controller and enviroment. Obviously RTS is more well suited for a mouse and keyboard, but if you want to play it in your livingroom on Xbox live, maybe that doesn't matter. After all, everyone you're playing against will have the same handicap.

I actually think the controller slows down the pace of BFME2 a little bit, which for some people (who have awful ADD, like myself) it may actually be a bit more enjoyable :)

My disabled mind makes turn based strategy much more apealing to me than RTS.

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