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A brand new game from Japan?

A brand new game from Japan?

Inis, better known for their strange but very nice games like Ossu! Tatakae! Ouendan! for DS and Gitaroo Man for PS2, released these images presenting their brand new engine for Xbox 360. Ok the character looks VERY weird, but at least the lighting effects are very nice.

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Commented on 2005-09-29 16:45:20
screenshot quality is lacking in places (bloom with too much compression? I don't know)

Some rushed environmental design (low poly terrain, stretched textures)
don't take away from the incredible lighting and character design here.
I'd love to see this become a true game, or see some other talented company make use of this.

I wonder if it's exclusively a 360 engine at this point...
Commented on 2005-09-29 17:05:08
Nothing special here IMO.

I still am waiting for some screen shots for the 360 to have AA turned on. So far, I have yet to see any game that has AA turned on, yet they are all claiming to have it in the final build.
Commented on 2005-09-29 17:05:20
My brain...it hurts >_<
Commented on 2005-09-29 17:12:45
Looks lovely until I look at the main character, what's up there?
Commented on 2005-09-29 17:13:38
ugly character :D this will be no kids game.. theyll get nightmares
Commented on 2005-09-29 17:34:42
i would like to see this in motion, looks ok :D
Commented on 2005-09-29 17:39:05
Weeeeiiiiiird japanese games? Sign me up!
Commented on 2005-09-29 18:17:10
nice GFX man!
Commented on 2005-09-29 18:22:55
Why does everyone put these games down all the time? Most are not even in alpha stages and those type of effects such as Anti-aliasing is added at the very end since it's really notr a large effect or hard to add. Of course all games will support aa... that is a given. Just like all games will be in 720p resolution atleast and all will be 5.1 dolby. pfft, welcome to the next gen and lower your expectations to the high expectations... don't know if that makes sense but it should...
Commented on 2005-09-29 18:50:19
Arrggghhh Alien Ant hybrid, this game look OK, as you've said DjJoeJoe, it is in it's alpha state, so we can't judge the game as of yet. Anyway, I'm glad we've go more Japanese support, as at least they do come out with some weird games and not the bloody FPS we seem to be so happy to get over here.
Commented on 2005-09-29 19:02:00
I like the quirky style... though I could get sick looking at that character. The game is probably early so hopeful that half-assed, mediocre attempt at DOF will go away. They also probably need to do another texure pass among other things. Still I think this game has pretty solid engine and only hints at what the 360 is capable of... wait till you see blue dragon.
Commented on 2005-09-29 19:03:46
And hey,... I like my FPS dewd
Commented on 2005-09-29 20:05:25
Ahhhh My eyes!! It burns!

Like the style, but the GFX needs a lot of fixing.
Commented on 2005-09-29 20:22:44
This is an engine test rather than a graphical showcase. I remember reading about it a couple of weeks back, apparently they are using one core for hair physics alone!

It gives off a Psychonauts vibe to me, could be interesting!
Commented on 2005-09-29 21:09:20
Well this game is still in the early stages it seems. Those textures really need some work. And god, that hair looks like something else. That'll need some work.

I don't like the looks of that character either. I hope that changes. Looks like something you'd want to squish with the heel of your boot after you see it scurrying across the kitchen floor.
Commented on 2005-09-29 21:21:14
It looks like special abilities and items will be very impoortant to this game. Look at the first shot of a nearly bare character compared to the later ones where he has a glowing mane, numerous necklaces, and other accesories. Reminds me of how I felt when I first (and only first ;) ) saw Malice...

Hopefully, this one will be god and make it stateside.
Commented on 2005-09-29 23:07:14
Looks interesting, they have some odd character designs thats for sure. Kinda reminds me of those little troll dolls with that hair. They also need to fix the bloom lighting, but thats probably just the first pass.
Commented on 2005-09-30 00:24:09
It's these types of negative reactions to these different types of games that cause them not to be ported over to US and EU shores, devs are watching, they are looking at your reactions believe it or not, but I don't wanna hear any complaints when this game turns out to be something special and doesn't leave the Japanese shores.

Leave it to you guys, all we will have are the same old same old games and then you will start complaining about there being nothing different to play, yeah because you bash anything that isn't visually up to your graphic whorish standards, the next gen is really showing the true graphic whores in the gaming world, it's a shame too.
Commented on 2005-09-30 05:17:24
lumzi23, that ain't pointed at anyone, but on the Xbox all I ever saw was one after another FPS. I like them too, but in moderation. I think it was 3/1 with the FPS
Commented on 2005-09-30 15:36:05
what a monstrosity!!!!
Commented on 2005-09-30 23:57:29
What the hell is that thing?
Commented on 2005-10-01 08:35:29
Damn, I guess you guys have never played Gitaroo Man (or Osu!) See kids, this is a dev team that is known for holding their own--they makes games with good, unique gameplay and they use unique design styles. When it comes to their games, it doesn't matter what the graphics or the main character looks like, the player is usually to caught up in playing it to give a crap. That's the lesson for today children, run along now.

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