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A few PC videos of The Crew

A few PC videos of The Crew

Before the French Livestream we did yesterday, we just had a bit of time to capture some PC videos of The Crew, all of them being set at the very beginning of the game, in the Saint Louis area. It's clearly not the best looking environment, but it will at least give you a pretty good idea of the game's visuals in ultra settings. More videos will come as soon as we can, but you'll need to be a bit patient. Also, we apologize for not making an English livestream this time, but it's not always easy to please everyone and we really couldn't handle two livestreams yesterday.
Update: We've added 3 videos showcasing new cars or specs, among which a powerful RUF - quite the beast to tame.

Freeride - Saint Louis
Missions #1
Missions #2
That was close - RUF
Let is snow
From Florida to NYC

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Commented on 2014-12-02 14:22:29
this game is ugly. jesus
Commented on 2014-12-02 22:12:51
The lighting model is horrid
Commented on 2014-12-03 01:51:20
I bought it. I like it. I'm a bit confused by the layout of inviting crew members or players in the surroundings areas, but that will pass. I'm not a big race guy outside of WRC(s), so there will be only so much driving I can take.

It seems promising so far. There are a lot of side-activities to do on top of the coop and free ride challenges and game modes. We'll see how this pans out.

As far as how it looks: it's beautiful on my comp, and the map integration is pretty goddamn impressive, it's seamless. My only gripe at the moment seems to be the chat window and the A button seems to default to demo-mode even if you rebind it to something else (on PC).
Commented on 2014-12-03 03:52:02
Its something about the graphics in this game that really turns me off. I cant really put my finger on it. Is it the lighting? The textures? It all just seem "off" to me. Now i only played the PC-beta so it might have improved, but solely judging on these videos.. Not really.
Commented on 2014-12-03 06:11:28
I almost feel bad for this one. It's essentially the best TDU, but that doesn't make it a very good driving game.

They should have launched this one in the spring.
Commented on 2014-12-03 13:30:14
Is it possible that TC uses the FC4 engine? A lot of stuff and the style look similar
Commented on 2014-12-03 13:47:12 In reply to AldoRaine
I guess it is possible yes. Ivory said they created their own tools to generate the world, but it does not necessarily mean that they did not use a 3D engine provided by Ubisoft.
Commented on 2014-12-03 14:17:10
They're using their own engine (Babel) according to Wikipedia. I don't think they're really that similar, visually.

Far Cry is also just much nicer looking in general, but has some performance issues.
Commented on 2014-12-03 16:01:10
It doesn't help that they have motion blur on object(cars) that are going the same speed as you. WTF is that all about?
Commented on 2014-12-03 19:43:03
I don't particularly dislike this game but I played the beta and the driving was indeed sub-par. And this being a driving game that ruins it..
Commented on 2014-12-04 15:39:33
sounds like all the excuses that people said about TDU are the same with the crew, im gonna buy it as i love driving games especially ones that don't take it seriously, a fun arcade racer with a huge world to explore, some people are never satisfied.
Commented on 2014-12-04 21:53:26 In reply to r3tr0gam3r1337
Posted by r3tr0gam3r1337
sounds like all the excuses that people said about TDU are the same with the crew, im gonna buy it as i love driving games especially ones that don't take it seriously, a fun arcade racer with a huge world to explore, some people are never satisfied.
I'm not sure what qualifies as an arcade racer anymore. When I think arcade racer I think California Speed. This isn't like that at all. It may not be Gran Turismo or a simulator, but I'd say it is closer to being somewhere in between.

Good for you, don't listen to self-appointed experts, try it and judge for yourself...
Commented on 2014-12-05 01:04:19
When it comes to graphics these guys really need to take a cue from team behind Need for Speed. Otherwise it seems like TDU3. Haven't played it yet but I really hope the gameplay makes up for all the game's shortcomings. Also the car list looks really unappealing to me, but so was also the one in TDU.

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