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Armored Core 4 images

Armored Core 4 images

Armored Core 4, here running on a PS3, is back with these 10 new images. And it looks very nice. The release date is now december on PS3 in Japan, and sometimes in spring everywhere else on PS3 and 360.
Update: Added a video showing some gameplay, still from the PS3 version.
Update: This weeks Famitsu scans added.

Download: AVI

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Commented on 2006-10-19 15:56:05
Looks like the environments will be just as unattractive as those in Chromehounds
Chromehounds probably has more customization and unique teamplay though
It is a shame that only maybe 2 of these look like gameplay
Commented on 2006-10-19 15:59:11
That looks fantastic, as for the game play, hope for the best.
Commented on 2006-10-19 16:00:20
Meh, mech games are starting to really bore me, may be fun though.

May give it a rent and see

Graphic wise this game looks very good though.
Commented on 2006-10-19 16:15:44
saw some gameplay movies for this on gametrailers.com, not that impresive as they would like you to believe...
Commented on 2006-10-19 16:16:59
That last pic looks like a pic from an old mid-90's computer game... Anyone remember Shogo MAD?
Commented on 2006-10-19 16:24:08
Yeah release in Japan is December 12th...I don't think I'll be buying though...unless there is a massive online aspect to it.
Commented on 2006-10-19 17:08:44
only the latter half of the batch are ingame.

Personally i think it looks a bith meh.... Nice effects and mechs, but pretty much everything else is mediocre to say the least.
Commented on 2006-10-19 17:08:46
Armored Core, the ultimate dueling mecha simulation. Gundam level battles here. As for the person who said it doesn't play as good as Chromehounds, uhhhhhh... what? There are tons of Armored Core Tournaments because it plays VERY VERY Good. While you don't have the team aspect, you have a much more deeper mecha customization system that COULD severely cripple your mech to the point of unusability if you're dumb with managing booster output, heat output, cooling systems and cap, energy output and consumption from powering all your parts and firing weapons, etc. Tons of other parameters and features are much more important.

The other main thing is its challenging to play. It's not just walk here and coordinate team and strafe very slow and aim your target. You're constantly boosting around, sliding across the ground and feather dashing in the air, etc. and fighting for position at a very very fast speed.

If Chromehounds is like Counterstrike, Armored Core is like Quake and Unreal Tournament.
Commented on 2006-10-19 17:22:49
Chromehounds looks better
Commented on 2006-10-19 17:29:06
Tone down the Photoshop Bloom thank you very much
Commented on 2006-10-19 17:51:19
And what's up with the excessive film grain? Post-production photoshop filters for the lose. But then again, that's what this generation graphics are all about, it seems...
Commented on 2006-10-19 17:52:23
The mechs look ok but the environments look like ass.

Hopefully it will get some major graphical improvements before it ships, if not the least they can do is make everything distructable.
Commented on 2006-10-19 18:38:27
Meh, these shots look good - as in fake. I'll care when I download a demo that looks this good, sometime next year. And all things considered, why bother with AC when you have Chromehounds?

I wish there were more games like Shogo MAD.

Shogo MAD was the shit. It was a decent mech game, styled to look somewhat anime like (there were several refernces to anime and other scifi stuff in the game), had a branching storyline, and the storyline was a good mix of standard issue plot devices and some nice twists, and the dialogue was great. Nothing like finding out your long-dead girlfriend/lover isn't really dead, just deep undercover.. especially when you've been banging her sister ever since, and their dad is your boss IIRC.
Commented on 2006-10-19 19:03:23
i saw these same shots listed on another site under xbox360 today
Commented on 2006-10-19 19:04:58
if ac is faster than chromehounds (mech speed) than people will love it... that and real jumpjets....

cant someone just port mechwarrior over LOL me and my dad and mom all used to rock in mechwarrior 1 were in a big clan and everything eheh
Commented on 2006-10-19 19:47:29
Commented on 2006-10-19 20:03:22 In reply to BioSehnsucht
Posted by BioSehnsucht
Meh, these shots look good - as in fake. I'll care when I download a demo that looks this good, sometime next year. And all things considered, why bother with AC when you have Chromehounds?
You can tell which ones are "in engine" movies with post-processing and which are gameplay (5, 8, 10). The game looks like chromehounds with a different slant. Chromehounds is like Ghost Recon. This seems more like a halo-style game and should appeal to the masses who don't like tactical shooters.... Oh yeah, and chromehounds is awsome!
Commented on 2006-10-19 20:19:25
IMO as of right now, which i know they have a little more time but the graphics is not impressive to say the least. It could still be fun though as long as gameplay is good.
Commented on 2006-10-19 21:16:16
Still don't like how the textures on the mecha looks. It's as if they're repeating an 8-but grey texture that's, like, 120x120 pixels. Hope they have some nice color customization features like Chromehounds did.
Commented on 2006-10-19 23:05:39
I was thinking "No way" until I saw the first actual ingame shot which simply made me laugh at the huge difference (and at myself for thinking this was something great). MECH minus the C is MEH.
Commented on 2006-10-20 01:05:15
Are the first 4 ingame?
Commented on 2006-10-20 03:37:24
loving the effects
Commented on 2006-10-20 03:48:33 In reply to Myro
Posted by Myro
Are the first 4 ingame?
Commented on 2006-10-20 03:53:17
All this negativity is really disappointing....are you guys PS3 fans in disguise or something? I've seen the movies too and unlike most of you, I actually have more realistic expectations for the game. I want a mech game that doesn't make me fall asleep, and Chromehounds wasn't it. AC4 is shaping up to be exactly the game I was hoping it would be (fast-paced, fluidly animated, Macross/Gundam boosting around and shooting the hell out of everything kind of gameplay), and I'm just thankful that it's finally coming to a system other than the Playstation so we can finally play it online with other people. In fact, I have boycotted the series for years because of the lack of online, and it's great to see that FROM has actually seen the light, unlike many a stubborn Japanese developer. I've really missed AC since the PSOne days, so I don't think many of you can understand just how much I'm dying to play this game, online, and better yet, to my own CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS!!!

I will be buying AC4 on day one, just like I did with Enchanted Arms...keep up the good work, FROM Software!
Commented on 2006-10-20 06:20:57
uh, yeah... it's quite obvious which ones are gameplay and which ones are bullshit cg or atleast scripted cinema.
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