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ArtCraft kickstarts Crowfall

ArtCraft kickstarts Crowfall

ArtCraft Entertainment, composed of industry veterans, launched yesterday the Kickstarter campaign for their ambitious MMO Crowfall. The indie team describes the title as a blend of RPG and strategy. With still 28 days remaining in their Kickstarter, it has already gathered more than $500K out of the $800k goal. Alpha testing will start in late Summer 2015 while the core module is expected to release in Winter 2016. The guys at the studio were kind enough to send us a HQ video of the game overview. which you'll find inside along with all the details.

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. Announces Crowdfunding Campaign for Highly Anticipated MMO, Crowfall

Kickstarter launch officially raises curtain on exciting new game that disrupts the status quo in MMO games

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 24, 2015 — Independent game developer, ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. today launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund its highly-anticipated Massively Multiplayer Online game, Crowfall™. Described as a blend of a roleplaying game and a large-scale strategy game, Crowfall is the brainchild of two of the most experienced MMO developers in the world: J. Todd Coleman (creative director, Shadowbane, Wizard101, Pirate101) and Gordon Walton (executive producer, Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars: The Old Republic).

“Crowdfunding has revolutionized the game market, allowing developers access to funds and customers,” said ArtCraft co-founder and President Gordon Walton. “The traditional publishing model works for mass-market gaming, but fails to serve many of the more experienced and discriminating gamers. Crowdfunding allows us to serve these customers directly with experiences crafted specifically for them, using their direct feedback and funding.”

Crowfall is a designed to push the boundaries of online social dynamics. “In some ways, it sounds revolutionary – but our goal is to rediscover what we lost.” explained J. Todd Coleman, co-founder and Creative Director. “Politics, Trade, Empires, Alliances, Betrayal – the ability for players to have a real impact on the game world. In the rush to make these games appeal to the mass market, we lost the elements that made them great.”

Fans of the game can back the kickstarter campaign at: Backers have a chance to fund the project via multiple levels of giving, are of which are documented on the Kickstarter page. Depending on the backer levels, fans who contribute to Crowfall on Kickstarter can be involved in the games pre-release testing, purchase the game at a discount, and secure castles and fortifications for their personal kingdoms.

“With crowdfunding, we can finally build this game – the game that we have all been waiting for – without having to compromise our vision. With the support of our fans, this team can make Crowfall a reality.


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Commented on 2015-02-25 20:32:09
i actually just seen this before you put it up, looks really interesting, especially with all the destruction and new campaigns you can go on, personally i would only back it if they have no BG/Arenas, everything should be in the open world that way its always populated and alive instead barren and empty like nearly all mmOs with there bGs/arenas and LFG BS dungeon finders junk
Commented on 2015-02-25 22:19:58
Love that art style
Commented on 2015-02-27 01:16:04
The art is so...bland. Looks like any other Amalur or Blizzard game. The way he talks about MMOs makes it sound a bit interesting though.

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