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Batman AA commented video

Batman AA commented video

Eidos (or should we say Square-Enix?) released this commented gameplay video of Batman: Arkham Asylum for the GDC. Looking great.

Commented video
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Commented on 2009-03-27 19:10:46
wow. This gameplay is starting to look pretty amazing!
Commented on 2009-03-27 19:11:14
I saw it on Gamespot, and it looks like it's coming along nicely.
Commented on 2009-03-27 19:34:39
I anticipate that the game will be good, and so far from what I've just now seen, it's going far beyond my expectations. I've see Dark Knight the movie. It was brilliant. I'd like to say thank you to the developers for making a game that isn't based on the box office smash. I don't need to relive the movie experience in a game. I just wish more devs would take this route.
Commented on 2009-03-27 19:35:40
Please, please don't screw this up.

I have high hopes for this.
Commented on 2009-03-27 19:51:04
It definitely reminds me of Splinter Cell, which is a bloody good thing!
Commented on 2009-03-27 21:24:35
Never been so suprised. I'm buying this now!:D
Commented on 2009-03-27 22:01:36
Yeah I must say, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this on gamespot yesterday. I hope the game comes out great.
Commented on 2009-03-27 22:40:33
Commented on 2009-03-27 22:42:13
Lighting still needs to be changed. They would be able to just look up and see him
Commented on 2009-03-28 00:10:45
That was freaking awesome
Commented on 2009-03-28 00:58:48
Im a batman fanatic... This game looks awesome!!!!! hopefully gonna be better than all the previous installments.. or as good as batman returns on snes, thats a classic! splinter cell meets batman.. hell yeah.
Commented on 2009-03-28 03:09:21
Bat meets Snake? Oh, and dude talks funny. Mweheheh.
Commented on 2009-03-28 06:53:12
Looks very polished, from the graphics to the dynamic gameplay. Color me impressed.
Commented on 2009-03-28 07:48:33
very very good gameplay,loved the video it was impressive,but ias said above i think the roof areas should be darker to make it feel mroe like they couldnt spot you
Commented on 2009-03-28 11:28:12
wow, june can't come sooner!
Commented on 2009-03-28 11:51:01
wow that pretty suprising i didne expect it to the that good, on my radar now
Commented on 2009-03-28 13:35:19
I agree this looks excellent and it could be the best Batman game in a very long time...I like the fact that it follows the exaggerated style of the comics as opposed to the movies and the play mechanics seem to be very much based around the character's strengths and persona.

Definitely keeping a close eye on this one...
Commented on 2009-03-28 16:29:24
this is looking great, I have hight expectations for this game.
Commented on 2009-03-31 03:16:22
This is perfect, exactly what a Batman game should be. They realised having a mix of Tenchu and Splinter Cell gameplay mechanics would work well. I'm glad it's much more accessible than those games with the button prompts ("LT + A"; "X for Glide kick"), much like Star Wars: Republic Commando, because the fanbase for Batman is huge like Star Wars.

Surprising at the level of production values, from Rocksteady, whose last game was Urban Chaos.

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