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Battlefield Bad Company images

Battlefield Bad Company images

Battlefield : Bad Company is back with this quite big batch of images, some of them already seen before, others looking new to me.

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Commented on 2007-08-08 19:40:18
I like the look a lot. Is this an 07' title, cause it may have to wait until 08' due to my Halo obsession.
Commented on 2007-08-08 19:50:56 In reply to Dre_realla
hahaha i know exactly
Posted by Dre_realla
I like the look a lot. Is this an 07' title, cause it may have to wait until 08' due to my Halo obsession.
hah i'm on the same boat.
Commented on 2007-08-08 19:51:33
finally some good stuff, i want to see this in motion to prevent being owned by ea pr team

lol, check that grenade with smiley
Commented on 2007-08-08 19:55:48 In reply to Dre_realla
Posted by Dre_realla
I like the look a lot. Is this an 07' title, cause it may have to wait until 08' due to my Halo obsession.
2008 title.
Commented on 2007-08-08 19:58:52
I hope the Multi is like modern combat.
Commented on 2007-08-08 20:01:02
looks good!
Commented on 2007-08-08 20:01:20
looks sweet.
Commented on 2007-08-08 20:35:41
damn, this is what, 64xFSAA?! lol...

i'm so looking forward to this...

gee, now that i've looked carefully at the screens, they are stunning sure a bit on the bullshot side, what with all the antialiasing, but amazing nonetheless. If in the final game they only turn down the aa, and the rest stays as it is, we will be surel be looking for something really good!
hope the gameplay is good as well...
Commented on 2007-08-08 20:46:47
Wow, the twelfth picture looks like an awesome "next gen" Operation Flashpoint.

I hope this plays more like that classic, because I haven't played anything that comes close to capturing that particular epic sense of warfare. We're about due a new one. I bet this looks great in motion.
Commented on 2007-08-08 21:21:52 In reply to Dre_realla
Posted by Dre_realla
I like the look a lot. Is this an 07' title, cause it may have to wait until 08' due to my Halo obsession.
it's an 08 game
Commented on 2007-08-08 22:03:56
Wow graphics look very impressive I need to say that's what I call good anty-alising! Also lighting and other effects are good looking and well balanced...
Commented on 2007-08-08 23:01:53
very good looking game even with destructable environments. i really hope they pull this off and give us a great shooter.
Commented on 2007-08-08 23:48:04
Totally looking forward to this. With 90% destroyable worlds an "air drop" ala Airborne mode in a sandbox town would be a totally awesome MP mode.
Commented on 2007-08-09 00:25:08
This looks alot better then cod4, needs to see a vid pronto.
Commented on 2007-08-09 01:11:58
graphics don't look that impressive to me but it's a Battlefield title so I will buy it. I am such BF whore though XD Loved battlefield 1942, Vietnam was kinda fun, 2 was awesome and this will add a whole new dynamic that the series really needed.

can't wait
Commented on 2007-08-09 01:20:03
ahh all these pictures are old. I will wait for some new media
Commented on 2007-08-09 02:02:51
Glad to see my fave studio hard at work. Graphics are SUPERIOR to almost anything, but it wont look like that when it comes out I bet.

DICE has some of the top talent in the industry but you have to remember, they're EA's gimp now and are forced to produce and perform.

Oh and, though I love them, in the name of fariness; DOWNSCALES!
Commented on 2007-08-09 02:27:07
I hope they fix the dithering on the trees. It's okay in games like Rallisport but in a FPS it looks weird.
Commented on 2007-08-09 04:29:07
I completely forgot about this game, it certainly looks graphically better than COD4 and any other FPS atm AND you can blow up ANYTHING! Wow, This really looks fantastic!
Commented on 2007-08-09 05:51:15
I will wait to see it in motion before i say it looks better than COD 4, but the screens do look nice.
Commented on 2007-08-09 06:17:07
Look! Guns from heaven!
Commented on 2007-08-09 09:36:00 In reply to Brainplug
Posted by Brainplug
I hope they fix the dithering on the trees. It's okay in games like Rallisport but in a FPS it looks weird.
I wouldn't expect that. This dithering is also present in BF2142 on the PC, it looks crap it's true. First saw it in the Beta, and thought "this is so going to be out on the final version", but nope it's still there.
Commented on 2007-08-09 12:13:02
UT III this year, BF next, things can't get any better. :)
Commented on 2007-08-09 13:29:50
In all honesty...

...CoD 4 will probably destroy this game graphically, technically, gameplay wise, and innovation wise.

Seriously. Its EA. Im thinking its going to be a little more advanced BF than what we used to play. The graphics in some shots look very good, but the detail lacks in some noticeable spots; the ground texturing. Lol i know thats lame to pick on, but really, the ground could be a little bit better looking than a translucent turd. Idk.

CoD 4 really will probably leave no reason for this game just from comparing the two now atleast.
Commented on 2007-08-09 13:41:55
Wasn't this game supposed to have destructible environments? If so the don't really show it in any of these pics besides a few chunks of rock in #16. You would think that they'd show it off every chance they got since it hasn't really been achieved in any game (to my knowledge) since red faction.
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