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Battlefield BC: The teaser is back already

Battlefield BC: The teaser is back already

It didn't take long for EA to release a direct-feed version of yesterday's Battlefield: Bad Company's teaser, along with a few images and a video where Karl-Magnus Troedsson presents their mail goals for this game.
The direct feed teaser is still being reencoded, patience!
[Update]: HD trailer online !

Teaser Talk
Download: WMV
HD Trailer

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Commented on 2007-03-02 17:24:54
sounds good
Commented on 2007-03-02 17:33:21
I want this game :)

But well the Demo would be cool.
Commented on 2007-03-02 17:34:20
Don't get misled by the trailer.. it says [in-engine], which does not equal [in-game]. (too bad :( In-game will definetly look the same :D, just not at such a steady framerate.

Thx blim! Can't wait to see the DF version! n_n
Commented on 2007-03-02 17:40:11
Who's to say it will definitely look the same? Tech demos and videos showing new engines always look a lot better than the final game though there are some exceptions.
Commented on 2007-03-02 17:48:11
hmm, i bet EA used Photoshop on the images.
Commented on 2007-03-02 17:48:17
I saw it at On the Spot. It is the same just one swedish dude is talking about it like couple of minutes and done.
Commented on 2007-03-02 18:01:06
The video is in-engine and ran in realtime at ~25FPS. November build. The game will be released more than a year later. If anything it'll look BETTER. Crazy.
Commented on 2007-03-02 18:51:33
This looks really impressive, Kojima-san better watch out, MGS4 easily has a graphical contender here.
Commented on 2007-03-02 19:08:20 In reply to XSAVAGE
Posted by XSAVAGE
hmm, i bet EA used Photoshop on the images.
Flick between the static image and the HD capture from the trailer. Only difference is brightness.
Commented on 2007-03-02 20:17:46
This game comes out in 2008.
Commented on 2007-03-02 21:31:07
Getting better. The edge blurring of BF:MC is not present in these shots. A laudable decision as it can only improve the overall fidelity. So thumbs up and F*CK EA :).
Commented on 2007-03-03 01:35:51
I was never interested in this game until I watched that trailer...the trailer really surprised me; it was funny, entertaining and unique...it even makes fun of the narrator`s voice :D

"Do we look like brothers to you?!" – funny stuff!

Those characters actually have "character"
I am now looking forward to future videos/info on Battlefield: Bad Company :)
Commented on 2007-03-03 02:09:29
wow! this looks almost too good to be true... i'm smelling bullshots/videos here but would like to be proven wrong... :-/
Commented on 2007-03-03 06:48:56 In reply to prodygee
Posted by prodygee
Don't get misled by the trailer.. it says [in-engine], which does not equal [in-game]. (too bad :( In-game will definetly look the same :D, just not at such a steady framerate.

Thx blim! Can't wait to see the DF version! n_n
read this:
Posted by Immortal_Daemon
There seems to be some confusion surrounding "in-engine" and "in-game."

"In-engine" refers to anything rendered in real-time via the engine. It's what the gameplay will look like, usually. The noteworthy exception would be the cutscenes of Halo 2, where they were rendered in-engine, but with noticeably better lighting than the gameplay.

"In-game" is just that. Anything in the game is "in-game." Generally this term is used when showing actual gameplay, though, as the footage is taken directly in the game.

There are also people doubting whether this is real-time or not. I have not played the game, but considering 100% of the media released on this game has looked equal to the video provided, along with EA's and DICE's word that this is 100% in-engine, it's pretty safe to assume this is what the final game will look like.

Hopefully that clears some stuff up.
Commented on 2007-03-03 16:39:03
Wow, that was awesome.
"do you never stop talking? God, just shut up."

Very clever, if the game itself is anything like this, i'm interested.
Commented on 2007-03-03 18:18:43
Ahh, so the frostbite engine means, that we can finally destroy the "barrels of dooooooom" :D
Commented on 2007-03-04 07:57:39
360 Ruulezz!!!
I love it !!! And i love EA !!!

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