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Biomutant: Gameplay Teaser

Biomutant: Gameplay Teaser

Recently, THQ Nordic shared a new video of Biomutant, the action-RPG from Experiment 101 reminiscent of Kung Fu Panda. Here's the vidoe in good quality to get a glimpse at the various gameplay elements.

Gameplay Teaser

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Commented on 2018-02-21 15:26:45
This game looks rich in a lot of departments.
I'll gladly see more.
Commented on 2018-02-21 16:13:34
not sure about the comic style visible "boings and bangs" but i am intrigued by the rest of it. if it can offer something along the lines of horizon zero dawn i'm definitely in.
Commented on 2018-02-21 20:26:27
Looks really fresh and promising, I hope it delivers.
Commented on 2018-02-22 09:57:23
Looks like it's has DMC elements in the battle system. Looks interesting and promising. The time will tell.
Commented on 2018-02-22 10:47:01
I don´t like those "boings" and "bangs", but the game looks interesting and it´s getting better. They have my attention.
Commented on 2018-02-22 12:00:21
Definitely looks very interesting. Hopefully they can boost the visuals a bit, because other than that, it is looking creative and fun.
Commented on 2018-02-22 23:08:20
the IP looks promising, it also looks about the same from it's first debut. I hope they can optimize the framerate and populate some of the landscaping. (underwater in particular)
Commented on 2018-02-24 01:16:55
This is one of the most interesting new IPs. Looking forward to seeing more.
Commented on 2018-02-24 16:38:23
It's really a game to look closely. Interesting.

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