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Blitz 2 gameplay videos

Blitz 2 gameplay videos

Midway's Blitz: The League II will hit the stores in USA next week, while Europe has to wait until October the 24th to get it. We got a copy of the game early, and it's quite the violent one too. It may look like a normal (American) football game at first glance, but this game has some serious bone-breaking stuff going on. Just in these videos I dislocate a shoulder, squash something in the body and shut down a brain. And CSI hasn't got anything on the level of detail of this, so take a look at the gameplay videos inside.

Tutorial gameplay
Match gameplay

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Commented on 2008-10-06 22:19:19
Wow! I've never liked this type of games, but the injury was way too cool :D It would be nice to implement these kind of damage modeling into Fight Night, or maybe FPS's
Commented on 2008-10-07 00:55:21
Ahaha that was badass, i might actually look into this one this time cuz back on the n64 this game was crazy and it looks like theyre at least trying to go back to more violence so...

Commented on 2008-10-07 03:54:41 In reply to Endru
Yeah something like the cinematice physical damage would be cool in any type of fighter really. Fight Night pretty much gets the job done without this type of display. I actually like to see the opponents face at the end of a round, but I really wish the damage was more visible during the fights. Sometimes the chararcter appeared more battered in between rounds than they did in the ring. It almost looked as if the boxers had a super healing factor, laugh.
Commented on 2008-10-07 04:39:51
Oh, I can't play this gameT_T , but my boyfriend his love it^0^
Commented on 2008-10-08 12:07:35
Nice, still play the Dreamcast game every now and then.
Commented on 2008-10-08 20:00:29
Over the top "injury" sequence, they really went overboard with the description of a shoulder dislocation.

The gameplay looks REALLY tame compared to older blitz games, also whats up with the semi realistic player proportions?...

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