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Blue Dragon images and video

Blue Dragon images and video

Mistwalker released as always now 2 new images and a video of Blue Dragon. The video is quite interesting, showing some skills, some new environments and monsters.


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Commented on 2006-11-10 10:33:43
Whoa... at second pic :O

Commented on 2006-11-10 10:41:39
that's pretty cool.

what's up with this new 360 alpha blending method that uses a pattern? i noticed that while playing viva pinata and the shadows like 2 weeks ago and you can see it in the 2nd picture all over the ship.
Commented on 2006-11-10 10:44:27
1st PIC: You go Marumaru!!
Commented on 2006-11-10 10:45:27
Yeah some games have that kind of alpha blending, it's really noticable on the windows of cars in Saint's Row too.

I hope those squeek sounds arent in the game :P And those "lost" voices too.
Commented on 2006-11-10 11:03:22
Commented on 2006-11-10 11:04:36
Did anybody notice that the little green monsters with spears at the end of the trailer looked like the ones from lost odyssey at the mountain part.
Commented on 2006-11-10 11:05:31
They are.

This game looks far more impressive running on an HDTV or some sort. It loses some of its visual flair in videos, but still awesome :D
Commented on 2006-11-10 13:35:43
Maybe the little green helmeted enemies will be a a kind of in-game "stamp" of sorts for their games. I know some other companies do this. They have a certain thing in each of their games that are kind of iconic, I guess. Either that or it was a placeholder in Lost Odyssey.
Commented on 2006-11-10 14:32:39
The game looks really nice. I love the soft look of the graphics, it looks very visually pleasing. Also, I'm glad there are ways to avoid battles, and it seems the characters actually have AI (no random battles) *Lost Odyessy cough*
Commented on 2006-11-10 15:19:44
So it seems like Shu has alot of hidden little ablities, all they need now is a kamehameha to attack enemies from afar and we will be in business ;)
Commented on 2006-11-10 15:58:49
This was very interesting but i have a feeling if i watch too many trailers of the game i might spoil the experience because i love surprises but i cant help my self.
Commented on 2006-11-10 17:18:57
Thanks for the heads-up, but let me say your ads are getting REALLY annoying. If there isn't a half-naked woman on top of the page, there's another one talking out loud. Can't you use more discreet ads?
Commented on 2006-11-10 19:46:24
The alpha technique you are talking about is called stippling. I'll try to explain why you would desire such a thing.

In 3D rendering you have a depth buffer which allows you to draw objects without paying attention to their order. If for a new pixel the depth is nearer than the current value in the depth buffer the pixel color and depth value are replaced with the new ones. However, since only one depth value is stored per pixel this creates an issue with alpha blending where you can actually see two or more depths at the same time. Since the equations used to calculate the alpha blended color are order dependent, this means that the depth buffer which was particularly useful before, is completely useless for alpha blending. You could sort yourself, but this is restricted to object-to-object rather than the very nice pixel-to-pixel given by the depth buffer.

Stippling is basically an effect similar to the fact that a screen door resembles a tinted window. Each pixel is either entirely the foreground "translucent" object in the front or the background object. When perceived together it can seem like conventional translucency but the cost of sorting the objects has been completely removed.

Also, resolution will have a direct impact on stippling and so this effect will look better as the resolution is higher (since the pixels are then smaller).

Er, having written that detailed explanation of stippling, it really doesn't look like they are using stippling in that picture. :) It's looks like maybe it is related to the specular highlights on the metal? Dunno.
Commented on 2006-11-10 21:48:29
These short videos don't do this game justice I tell ya.

Need to see this thing running on my 360.
Commented on 2006-11-11 00:51:43
Nooooooooooooo, I cant refrain my eyes. I dont want to spoil this game.
Commented on 2006-11-11 02:10:40
Haha if I know sakaguchi and the way he makes games believe me we've seen absolutely NOTHING yet :)

Everything we are seeing now we think we have an idea of the game, but we still don't really know what we are in for until we actually play it :)
Commented on 2006-11-11 19:40:26
Anyone else think Optimusv2 is hyped for Blue Dragon? ^_^
Commented on 2006-11-12 04:23:38
Him and Jolli, have been proud members of the BD Army for a while now :P
Commented on 2006-11-15 00:42:35
I'm still waiting for the coop videos

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