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Blue Dragon in Shonen Jump

Blue Dragon in Shonen Jump

The famous magazine Shonen Jump had the privilege of doing a big unveiling on Blue Dragon this week. Considering who the character designer is, it makes sense. A japanese friend sent me these two low quality cell phone photos showing a bit of the game. It will have to do until we get some true scans.
Update: Good quality scans added!

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Commented on 2006-10-14 16:24:01
lol not much to say about this.
Wish it was in English, i really want to know more about this game.
Commented on 2006-10-14 17:02:52 In reply to Myro
The upper part
Xbox360 core system + BlueDragon set , Sale decision , 29800yen(Including tax)

The left under
You can put the barrier that is called "Bari-baria".
You can defeat the enemy whose level is lower than I without combatting by the
power of the barrier.
Please raise your shadow fast by this method, and obtain the technique.

Let’s defeat the enemy ,
by the power of a powerful shadow.

The top right
Great effect!!
Commented on 2006-10-14 17:06:28
Thanks Feyn!
Commented on 2006-10-14 17:20:05
Awesome can't wait for larger scans :D
Commented on 2006-10-14 17:21:46
I'm always happy with new BD updates
Commented on 2006-10-14 17:45:51
Great job Feyn.
Commented on 2006-10-14 18:23:08 In reply to ApolloCreed
Posted by ApolloCreed
I'm always happy with new BD updates
Commented on 2006-10-14 19:36:31
Oh awesome you'll be able to use a out of combat barrier ability to defeat an enemy who is of a lower level than you are. Awesome :)

I wonder how many other out of combat shadow abilities you'll have at your disposal? Maybe there is a possibility that you can use these different out of combat abilities within the game world to accomplish specific tasks besides defeating an enemy?

Also yes that is an awesome effect in the picture to the right.
Commented on 2006-10-14 20:56:54 In reply to Feyn
Thanks Feyn, cleared things right up :)
Commented on 2006-10-14 22:27:12
What a big unveiling :P.
Commented on 2006-10-14 22:51:04
really must learn to read japanese. Although I can watch bleach and naruto sometimes and not need to look at the subtitles. So listning to it aint too bad lol.
Commented on 2006-10-15 23:39:05
@ ezekiel, no you can't.

lol :P I've been watching the two series from the start.. and still can't do that. Being able to learn English that way, was a lot easier. ^^
Commented on 2006-10-16 01:33:05
lol no seriosly I can pickup on stuff. Its mad doing it, its not amazing long sentences but simple sentences and phrases are like second nature when watching it now. Alot of the characters in both series overuse the same stuff anyway so you can pickup on phrases.
Commented on 2006-10-20 21:26:14
there is english text in the game, does that mean theyre already translating it....
Commented on 2006-10-20 21:32:14
I will sell my sister for that faceplate. She is 15, a pretty good house cleaner, smart, can cook, a bit of a diva doh, and likes to listen to kelly clark. PM me for more details ;p

But really those scan look damn good, and makes the wait even more unbearable
Commented on 2006-10-20 22:15:15 In reply to kenshin2418
Posted by kenshin2418
I will sell my sister for that faceplate. She is 15, a pretty good house cleaner, smart, can cook, a bit of a diva doh, and likes to listen to kelly clark. PM me for more details ;p

But really those scan look damn good, and makes the wait even more unbearable
What hours of the day does she cook and does she use a lot of salt? Gotta watch the pressure you know :D

Whoa awesome how he just landed the mechat on the floor there and on the same page there is a more advanced looking mechat which sakaguchi said others would be in the game, but I wonder if you can pilot those other ones too? Also man I love all the media we keep getting on this game lately I guess they going to give us new gameplay vids every friday from now on up until release :D
Commented on 2006-10-20 22:18:49
I don't play too many JRPGs but don't you think they should have all the characters walk along with the main character when your in free roam mode, instead of just only in battle.

C'mon it's nex gen
Commented on 2006-10-20 22:40:18

Its been done on the PS1 man.

Trust me, its annoying.
Commented on 2006-10-20 22:43:17 In reply to newbielives
Posted by newbielives
I don't play too many JRPGs but don't you think they should have all the characters walk along with the main character when your in free roam mode, instead of just only in battle.

C'mon it's nex gen
That is not a question of power, it is a design choice.
Commented on 2006-10-20 22:45:02
God no 5 characters walking around that would not only be against all rpgs ever created, but it would just be annoying. For one they would all walk in a striaght line, which would look weird, if they didnt walk in a striaght line they would get lost and stuck on objects. My god it would be hell lol.
Commented on 2006-10-20 23:05:24
If they walk like your comrades in GRAW it would be awesome, but if this has been the tradition of JRPGs, then alright, I won't argue it.
Commented on 2006-10-20 23:12:47
in graw they take up tactical positions. Since this isnt about stealth I think it would just look weird more than anything. I agree it doesnt add to the realism having 1 guy turn into 5 but its the way it has always been done. And it works.
Commented on 2006-10-20 23:38:25
FF8 had charcters run round behind your main charcter and that worked fine.

Doesn't matter either way really.
Commented on 2006-10-20 23:41:46
Weekly Jump scans
Photo 1, new information is not being written.

Mysterious "Shadow" fights with you.
Companions have "Shadow" respectively.
"Shadow" has strong power, becomes an one's double, and fights.

Photo2, a lot of new information is being written.
Hironobu Sakaguchi talks about various new information concerning the combat.

There are many strategy on the field.
・You able not only to confirm enemy's appearance on the field but also various skills can be used.
for example:
can use invisible skill.
can use paralyze ball called "Shibire-dama" in order to passing on the side of the enemy.
can generate certain smell in order to making the enemy sleep.

・Multi encount
When you surround two or more enemies on the field with encount circle,
you can fight all enemies at the same time.
a variety of additional effects are generated.

・Monsters Fight!
When you surround enemies with mutually bad relations with encount circle,
the enemy starts killing one another mutually.

Syu(you)'s shadow: flame dragon.
Cluck(girl)'s shadow: phenix,looks like big bird

Attention to red frame with No.2
Syu's dragon with leg?

Malmaro's shadow: sabertiger,can Malmaro master this tiger?
Zola(lady with silver hair)'s shadow:killer bat
Ziiro(boy who put on green clothes)'s shadow: Minotaur , combination of smart boy and minotaur.
Commented on 2006-10-20 23:47:10
Thanks alot for the translatoin, Feyn! :)
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