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Blue Dragon scans

Blue Dragon scans

Let's finally be done with the Famitsu Weekly scans with these 2 full pages for Blue Dragon. No DOA4 this week, Famitsu only had a playing guide with button sequences and no pretty pictures.

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Commented on 2005-12-24 14:28:19
This message is in "Boulet Time" (TM), If you still *really* want to see it, click here

Commented on 2005-12-24 14:34:28
Haha .. i was just kiding with the "kind" of people that does the "1st" thing .. proposing a reason why they want so much to be on top of everybody .. anyway .. these scans are great! almost direct-feed-ish
Commented on 2005-12-24 14:35:53
It stings my eyes!

Seriously, this game is starting to grow on me. Being able to transform in to blue animals, what more do we need?! I hope they bring out some proper gameplay footage soon.

Edit: Where do you guys get these scans and videos from? (and that beta kit) do you have direct connections with microsoft or something?
Commented on 2005-12-24 14:41:37
Myro, dont worry .. does good to your skin. and Blim Blim is neightborn to J Allard .. they bike toguether ..
Commented on 2005-12-24 14:47:52
Yes, Blimblim is the true biker. I heard he once biked all the way to Snooper's house, but that's just rumours.

Companies kind of... well, farts on fansites, so mostly we find them ourself - and the fact that we are based in Europe really, really REALLY doesn't help. I'm registered to several press sites, but most of them are crappy updated. Blim has his sources in Japan which helps him with the scans. Microsoft (Studios) are helpful though, at least in France.
It's really hard getting stuff from the japanese companies, like Namco and Konami. Sega has this FTP with a like 30 kb/s limit, I just love downloading 200 mb trailers from them. And the fact that they ONLY release images in 2.8 mb BMPs is also a true joy.
Commented on 2005-12-24 14:53:15 In reply to SageLudwig
Posted by SageLudwig
Myro, dont worry .. does good to your skin. and Blim Blim is neightborn to J Allard .. they bike toguether ..
Shhhhhh !
Commented on 2005-12-24 14:57:06
Ups .. it sliped out my mouth .. sorry ..

About those softhouses .. its a shame how they dont do a good job in the marketing side ..yes is a bit of extra work to them translate everything and stuff .. but its a HUGE amount of extra marketing for almost nothing .. just hire a damm translator! .. gaming news will ever get "real" or keep thinking "hey .. this is just fun .. what ever!"? .. Xboxyde and Jeux-France blogs have the hot'est info around .. félicitations pour la France!
Commented on 2005-12-24 15:11:43
Water looks excellent.
Commented on 2005-12-24 15:21:14
Blue dragon kick ass.
Commented on 2005-12-24 17:41:24
Xboxyde beats out every other site in terms of media updates. Your hard work is greatly appreciated!
Commented on 2005-12-24 17:54:23
Pretty water..is this the generation of pretty water? Looks good, just need some gameplay.

For some reason, I think boulet time is the absolute most brilliant thing ever invented.
Commented on 2005-12-24 19:45:01 In reply to synce
Posted by synce
Xboxyde beats out every other site in terms of media updates. Your hard work is greatly appreciated!
I'd have to agree. Thanks for the scans, videos and other information you guys give us.
Much appriciated.
Have a happy christmas to all at Xboxyde and it's members.
Commented on 2005-12-24 19:57:32
yeah i love this place for the media\scans\info! much appreciated too..200000 kudos pts
Commented on 2005-12-24 20:09:32 In reply to SageLudwig
It's perfect. The art design has been 100% realised. No longer does it even look like a game; it looks like a good CG movie. This is it, we've hit maximum velocity.
Commented on 2005-12-24 21:06:12
Mistwalker, Blue Dragon/Lost Oddessy the takeover begins, time to crown the new top rpg making company.
Commented on 2005-12-24 21:27:28
So, this blue dragon fellow will be like a mental puppet of sorts?
Commented on 2005-12-25 02:24:24 In reply to PlumbDrumb
Posted by PlumbDrumb
So, this blue dragon fellow will be like a mental puppet of sorts?
Thats what it seem like. If you look, the dragon/summons are coming out of thier shadows. Haven't really seen anything about it yet, but I think they will just mimic what the character does while in combat.
Commented on 2005-12-25 04:02:23
Merry Christmas Blim. If you keep this stuff up, Microsoft might have to put you on the payroll.
Commented on 2005-12-25 04:02:45
Ok...basically the main characters in the game have shadows, but these are not normal as one day their shadows materialise into monsters. But the catch is that the monster is a mental relection of their personality, plus they can control it.

So say in a fight, if the main character smaches the ground with his fist, his Shadow, in this case the Dragon, will smash the ground in front of him, mimicing his movements.

Apparantly in the game you can power up your shadows with different specialities in mind, so for example if you concentrate on attack power and physical strength then you shadow will buff up and become very muscular, but if you concentrate on magic and spells then your shadow might be a bit scrawny but very streamlined etc...this is kind of like the "Job" system from old FF games

Oh and the shadows are interchangeable between characters also...that's all I know so far.
Commented on 2005-12-25 13:08:31
"Page 342" "Page 343"

Are you kidding me? How thick is that damn magazine?
Commented on 2005-12-25 13:55:39 In reply to Manager
I thought it was funny how Sakaguchi is a little embarassed about that Blue Dragon commercial. ^_^
Posted by Manager
Are you kidding me? How thick is that damn magazine?
Famitsu sometimes has large issues like that. :P Don't underestimate how much the Japanese can write about games. The Ultimania guide books for FFX are like 1500+ pages total...for one game.
Commented on 2005-12-25 18:34:20
What does Famtisu cost,and is it weekly magazine?
Commented on 2005-12-25 21:37:54
Could you scan that DOA4 stuff for us hardcore DOA fans? I want movelistsssssssssssssssss.... ;____________;

Pretty please?
Commented on 2005-12-25 21:48:07
Thanks Ryujin!
Commented on 2005-12-26 00:32:02 In reply to QuezcatoL
Posted by QuezcatoL
What does Famtisu cost,and is it weekly magazine?

Being that you have to import it shipping is crazy so for 12 issues its around $120 dollars :(

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