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Bomberman Land detonates in images

Bomberman Land detonates in images

Hudson Soft delivers a dozen of new images from its Bomberman Land to be released on Nintendo Wii, but also Nintendo DS and Playstation Portable. This Mario Party of the bomb-throwing guy is scheduled for a january 2008 release in the United States while Europe is still trying to find out if she will have the game.

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Commented on 2007-11-30 21:34:29
Collection of mini games? For the wii you say? Good lord, how unexpected!
Commented on 2007-11-30 23:16:31
Seriously. I so do not miss my Wii.
Commented on 2007-12-01 06:16:04
I want a bomberman game like bomberman hero on the 64. I'm getting sick of all these minigame types on the wii. The only games I seem to own on the wii are all nintendo made games because nobody else wants to adventure development on the wii.
Commented on 2007-12-02 00:48:36
That's even more shocking seeing a game like Smash Bros. Brawl using many cool features that other games just don't care about. It's not true that the Wii can't create complete experiences which are not mini-games, at the minimum it has all the power of a Nintendo 64 (+ more of course) and not many games feel as complete as titles released on this console. Bomberman? Cool, but no mini-games please. I hate the casual market for that and more. It's like consumers only care about the charm of a game (colors, known characters, easy play) instead of gameplay depth, replay value, story, pacing, etc. I had to vent.
Commented on 2007-12-02 02:59:20
Kudgel: the wii could be a great console but for a couple of things.

First off it obviously makes developers lazy. Since it's a huge commercial hit and the main bulk of the casual gamers want simple games, why should they spend money developing anything else? Let's take an example here. My mother can sit playing the most repetitive, simple and stupid web-games for hours. They are easy and simple to play, yet to someone who hasn't played much the challenge and entertainment is adequate. Why would she buy a PS3 when the wii is half the price and has the kind of games that are "appropriate" for her? The problem here is that those of us who aren't completely enthralled by Peggle get fucked over in the name of revenue.

Second, i love action and fighting games. They require lightning reflexes, fast and precise input. The wii, as fun and unique as it is in terms of interaction, is not suitable for playing these kinds of games. Would you seriously want to play a game like VF or Ninja Gaiden with the wiimote? So wow...every game that requires speed and precision is instantly gone from the roster, eh? Well, unless you dumb them down i guess. Fantastic.

Thirdly the graphics just suck balls. I won't say that graphics are everything, but i don't want to pay for a bran new piece of hardware that is virtually a slimmed down gamecube with a new controller. Just release the goddamn wiimote as a peripheral and relaunch the gamecube so i don't have to bleed my wallet dry...or release NEW hardware to motivate my purchase.

Basically i think that the wii could be a great console for adventure, roleplaying, platforming and some shooter titles if developers made the effort, but with the market being as it is i just don't see that happening any time soon. Wii is and will remain a console for the casual gamer. When i think about it that's exactly what nintendo said it would be a couple e3's back. So well,a s a hardcore gamer i want to spit em in the eye, but all i can do is salute them, because from a company standpoint the Wii is brilliant.

(hah, likeliness of some one reading this? rather low ;) )

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