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Brink: Gameplay video

Brink: Gameplay video

Bethesda release this long gameplay video of BRINK, far from the usual sunny environments and showing how the objectives based multiplayer mode works.

Container City
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Commented on 2009-12-08 14:09:02
Cheers for putting this up.

It's the last part of the presentation that was shown elsewhere, in case you've already seen that.

Looking forward to this game. Looks quality.
Commented on 2009-12-08 14:29:04
All i can say is....AWESOME!
Commented on 2009-12-08 14:59:23
WOW a FPS with quality effects and quality post processing, this game looks frigging amazing. Was completely under my radar... until now :D
Commented on 2009-12-08 17:18:00
Even though the special filter looks like Killzone 2 (one of my top fravorite franchises), the reason why Killzone 2 will be untouched is because the incredible atmosphere and effects including with the graphics.

I started playing the SP again 2 days ago for the heck of it and then watched Brink gameplay, and even though Brink is close, graphics isnt everything without a proper nice atmosphere oozing from the game, really feels like you are in the world and Killzone 2 does that perfectly.

Anyway, Brink definitely looks interesting, a game I am gonna keep a look out for sure, but the character art is very bad though.
Oh and the crazy amount of weapon wobbling is annoying when you walk.
Commented on 2009-12-08 18:38:43
Next thing you will claim is that KZ2 had a good storyline.
Commented on 2009-12-08 18:41:04 In reply to Xerx3s
Posted by Xerx3s
Next thing you will claim is that KZ2 had a good storyline.
Well I think the Killzone stories is pretty good, does it bother you if I like it?
Commented on 2009-12-08 18:55:17
I prefer these visuals of KZ2's any day of the week. Much more interesting environments. Gameplay looks awesome! It looks very fastpaced and dynamic...
Commented on 2009-12-08 21:19:32
I pray it has split-screen. 4 mates, 2 xboxs linked over lan on two TV's would be great fun. Only wish Borderlands had that.
Commented on 2009-12-09 05:13:01 In reply to Xerx3s
nice kz2 + mirror edge, hope they show some ps3 footage soon
Posted by Xerx3s
Next thing you will claim is that KZ2 had a good storyline.
your opinion
Commented on 2009-12-09 05:36:30 In reply to Kostchtchie
Posted by Kostchtchie
nice kz2 + mirror edge
Exactly my thoughs, and it looks freaking awesome.
Commented on 2009-12-09 21:19:04
Well I was one of those who didn't care for Killzone 2 very much, other than the amazing visuals. The gameplay in the video doesn't look nearly as clunky as killzone so that's good. The atmosphere is similar to killzone for sure, but killzone's problem was keeping to close to that same general design for the entire game, making it feel like one long map and not seperate levels.

If brink is as varied as they say in terms of environments and atmosphere, then it shoudn't fall under the same trap.

What I noticed more than the graphics was that the sound effects seemed really excellent to me. The guns sounded far more loud and powerful than in most shooters, one of my most common gripes about the genre. But in the end it all comes down to gameplay, no matter how good the atmosphere or graphics are. If this one plays really nice then it could be a huge hit, otherwise it will just be another wasted oppurtunity, like the majority of shooters this generation.
Commented on 2009-12-10 13:55:55
Charecter art is poor in my opinion (ragdoll like). The granade ticking like alarm clock is stupid and it's sad that you have to empty your magazine or two to kill one enemy. I like the game engine though, because it's very similar to KZ2. 8/10 so far.
Commented on 2009-12-10 22:32:23
stupid co-op ruining story based games these days.
Commented on 2009-12-10 23:57:54
Stupid co-op???!!! I would say the best thing to happen this gen has been devs increased participation on making games with more full co-op experiences. Gears of War, Halo 3, Little big planet, Borderlands, rainbow six vegas, crackdown, etc... so many great experiences from great co-op action.

I might be alone on this one, but I think that a fun game being played co-op with good friends is hands down, by a clear mile the most fun gaming experience one can possibly have. I don't think I'll ever in my life have more fun gaming than those late night lan parties after the first Halo game came out.

Probably the one thing bad about live, it killed the lan party scene. Anyhow, any game that has a decent co-op I will always give much more of a chance than just about any other feature.

I'd give my left nut if Bethesda or Bioward would make a really great co-op RPG. That would be so freaking epic...
Commented on 2009-12-11 02:33:23
co-op was good for a month for me. Played Left 4 Dead and enjoyed it greatly for a while then went back to the normal stuff. To me story >>>>>>>>> co-op
Commented on 2009-12-11 02:42:23 In reply to Doom_Bringer
Posted by Doom_Bringer
co-op was good for a month for me
How long does solo play usually last you?
Commented on 2009-12-11 06:30:55 In reply to Doom_Bringer
Posted by Doom_Bringer
co-op was good for a month for me. Played Left 4 Dead and enjoyed it greatly for a while then went back to the normal stuff. To me story >>>>>>>>> co-op
Co-op for what game? I actually didn't fall in love with left 4 dead as much as many others. Terrorist hunt in Vegas though...I can't even imagine how many hundreds of hours me and my friends put into that mode. Sooooo much fun!!!

Playing basketball with a group of guys can also be great fun, that's another amazing co-op experience I'd say is a good Bball game.

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