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Call of Duty 4 screens

Call of Duty 4 screens

While we wait for the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC) single player demo envisaged today, Activision and Infinity Ward tease us with three new screenies of this considerable aspect from the game.

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Commented on 2007-10-11 15:00:55
Ohh man... I love the gritty feel... dust is the shit ^^
Commented on 2007-10-11 15:07:38
I agree

Gives a really war torn feel
Commented on 2007-10-11 15:25:05
Very nice =)
The DEMO is coming to day.. =) (PC)
Commented on 2007-10-11 15:26:39
The game is gonna be awesome!
Commented on 2007-10-11 15:38:49
just over 2 hours tick tick ;)
Commented on 2007-10-11 15:52:25
Looks awesome!
The Call Of Duty series is born again :)
Commented on 2007-10-11 16:16:07
Sorry for the old screens, but it's a good reminder of today's demo!
Commented on 2007-10-11 16:54:09 In reply to rob230
Posted by rob230
just over 2 hours tick tick ;)
About 1 hour now.. do want now :)
Commented on 2007-10-11 17:05:49
the suspense is too freakin much.
Commented on 2007-10-11 17:19:15 In reply to jmd749
Posted by jmd749
the suspense is too freakin much.
Demo delayed until next week

Commented on 2007-10-11 19:32:39
The screens really look great!! But they should show more real ingame. On these screens you don't see a weapon of yours... well... yeah.

Hehehe, sorry, but is so fun to read the things on top!!! Suspence to the point----> delayed next week.. ^^
Commented on 2007-10-11 21:49:39
DAAAAAMN. those character shaders own my azz. will there be a 360 demo? now i need to free up PC harddrive space. DAMN! lol.
Commented on 2007-10-11 22:11:57
Is there going to be a 360 demo?
Commented on 2007-10-11 22:43:01
Demo is not delayed!
Download it here:


you need a yahoo account (free)
Commented on 2007-10-11 23:04:27
The yahoo distribution was a VERY bad idea. I'm glad there are other mirrors floating around now.
Commented on 2007-10-12 00:20:07
Finally a war FPS that isn't based on WWI/WWII. Time to move on!
Commented on 2007-10-12 17:48:44
I agree. WW II based shooter are great but enough is enough.
Commented on 2007-10-15 05:11:57
very awesome.

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