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Dead Rising images

Dead Rising images

Capcom also released these 13 images of Dead Rising. We finally get to see the customization of the hero, and also that as in Lost Planet, some textures could use a better resolution.

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Commented on 2006-04-14 21:41:02
Yeah some of the textures need work but this game is pretty large, so I guess it makes it somewhat ok.
Commented on 2006-04-14 21:55:43
The fast-food restaurant pics look awful, why would they release those? Everything else looks great though, love the changed uniform with the John Lennon glasses and pinstripe shirt! :)
Commented on 2006-04-14 21:56:11
I cant help but feel that the zombies look like the characters used as a crowd in such games as Fight Night 2 or Football games on the PS2 n Xbox.

It sure looks fun, but am i the only one that thing it could get pretty boring after a while?

PS they need to lose the red eyes, definetly not a good look at all.
Commented on 2006-04-14 21:58:58
I hope they change/tweek that User Interface.
Commented on 2006-04-14 21:59:55
The zombies are more aggressive at night, I guess it would be to indicate that. A slight glow would be better than that solid blob though.
Commented on 2006-04-14 22:35:20
ooooookkkkkkkkkeeeeyyy..... he eats meat-- heated meat that is.
Commented on 2006-04-14 22:35:43
Not bad hope it improve graphically before realease.

Commented on 2006-04-14 22:38:17
The downgrade in graphics is very clear.
Commented on 2006-04-14 22:44:21 In reply to beatle
Other than the tons of zombies on screen this looks like an Xbox game now. What happened? Well it always gave me a State of Emergency vibe anyway and that's not something I care to play again.
Commented on 2006-04-14 23:02:11 In reply to beatle
Posted by beatle
The downgrade in graphics is very clear.
Not really.
We've mainly been seeing daytime shots with lots of light bloom.

Other than that (these being night shots), the quality seems the same.
Commented on 2006-04-14 23:06:27
All of you: "Needs more lensflare."
Me: Have you seen the gameplay?

I wish this one doesn't get delayed again. It looks so kick ass already.
Commented on 2006-04-14 23:08:44
these dont look good ... but the use of low resolution textures has always been capcom's problem
Commented on 2006-04-14 23:25:10
lol damn screens.
This game looks a lot better in motion dont go by these screens.
Commented on 2006-04-14 23:26:37
I dont understand why these pictures look worse than the last released pictures of this game? why ?? the last pictures I saw before these were really great! now after 1 months more work it looks a lot worse, how can that be possible?
Commented on 2006-04-14 23:41:25
looks like you can change his attire mid-game! :D
Commented on 2006-04-15 00:01:03
I have to agree with beatle, for some reason these screens actually look like a step back from what we've previously seen. Like with most games a month or two before release. Oh well, it'll still look good in motion probably.
Commented on 2006-04-15 00:30:56
maybe they had to tone the graphics down a bit in order to get it to run at a decent framerate.
Commented on 2006-04-15 00:37:43 In reply to sciencedude7
Posted by sciencedude7
maybe they had to tone the graphics down a bit in order to get it to run at a decent framerate.
that would be really sad if the graphic gonna be like this. Looks like an xbox game.
Commented on 2006-04-15 00:38:28
WTF is going on this game looking like a xbox game now.....me thinks they are starting to cut corners to get this game finished...which is not good.
Commented on 2006-04-15 00:46:44
yeah, hope they will improve the graphic before it gets released, this will not work out.I was 100% sure that I would buy this game after last months picture of this game but after seeing it today I really start getting doubts, and for you who say graphic isnt all then why are you not playing on your super nintendo or nintendo 64?
Commented on 2006-04-15 01:05:40 In reply to rayko
Posted by rayko
and for you who say graphic isnt all then why are you not playing on your super nintendo or nintendo 64?
Maybe because we like games on other systems?
Commented on 2006-04-15 01:13:11 In reply to PlumbDrumb
Posted by PlumbDrumb
Not really.
We've mainly been seeing daytime shots with lots of light bloom.

Other than that (these being night shots), the quality seems the same.
I'm not a graphics whore, but some of these shots look fairly bad. The three with the microwave would look more appropriate on the PS2.

Perhaps it's just the style, but there's also something very wrong with their lighting system that makes some of the models look like 2-D sprites pasted onto a 3-D background. There's just no depth to them. Many of these shots illustrate this, but the one with the giant pink rabbit is probably the worst. Is it just me, or do these shots just not look right?
Commented on 2006-04-15 01:19:44
hmm, well I looked at a few older shots, and a some of the world textures were better (not the character textures), but this could be a case of "some textures are higher res than others, blah blah blah"... not necessarily a downgrade.
Then again, it could be a downgrade.

We'll have to wait for the game to be released, and for someone to make comparison screens of the same location at the same angle, etc.

I don't know, nothing wrong with being a graphics whore, but some of you people get out of control.

If all you wanted was a graphical showcase, surely you've had better options at the start.
I never thought of this game as supremely beautiful anyway, other than the amount of characters on screen.

If you want a zombie beat-em-up, this game looks to fit the bill.
Commented on 2006-04-15 02:08:24
You guys are being ridiculous. Whining because a microwave isn't bump mapped? The textures still look alot higher resolution than anything PS2 could do. Just because it looks a little blurry on the close-up in a screenshot doesn't mean it will look that bad when you actually see it in-game.

Atleast these screenshots are actual screenshots. So many companies nowadays (EA) that release BS screenshots.
Commented on 2006-04-15 02:12:27
There's something missing, but I can't put my finger on it. However, I do see a loss of shine and the candy coated paint from last month's images. What's going on? What's with the last gen graphics in that dudes forearm?
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