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Dead Rising Webisode #4

Dead Rising Webisode #4

Capcom released another Webisode, once again showing another short realtime cutscene.

Webisode 4
Download: AVI

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Commented on 2006-08-04 09:05:01
Am so excited 'bout this game...but damn that man is too noisy
I'll kill him with pleasure xD..
Commented on 2006-08-04 09:10:58
hmm. they seem to leak every cutscene so far :D Thanks but I guess to miss this. I want to have even a few storylines/cutscenes I havent allready seen when I get to play final game :) (stupid off-topic comment. sorry :))
Commented on 2006-08-04 09:33:16
yea this trailer is really good on xblive marketplace i like that one i cant wait to fudge that guy up on aug 8th.
Commented on 2006-08-04 10:16:29
I like that and its pretty funny and scary, makes you wanna run for your life, and i can,t wait to play this game, they have made alot of improvements on this game since xo5.
Commented on 2006-08-04 10:19:51
Remind me not to shop at that store :/
Commented on 2006-08-04 10:31:17
He needs anger management, but lucky for him I will make sure he dies painful.
Commented on 2006-08-04 10:47:35
Famitsu gave the game 40 in score ( top grade ) so it's the 7th or 8th game who got this grade ever from them :)

Any word about when the demo release yet btw?
Commented on 2006-08-04 10:57:36
What is the highest possible score that Famitsu can give Mugi? and thanks for the info :]
Commented on 2006-08-04 11:04:18
I wrote it, 40 :P, 10/10/10/10 is the max score, and summbed up to 40.
Commented on 2006-08-04 11:06:33
Dead Rising already got reviewed in Famitsu? It isn't out in Japan until the end of September is it?
Commented on 2006-08-04 11:14:54
The voice acting continues to impress me. The amount of emotion they put into this is amazing.
Commented on 2006-08-04 11:25:00
The characters' faces are very convincing. Best I've seen in any game.
Commented on 2006-08-04 11:27:24
looks good, can you tell me what this game is about, and what kind of online play is there?
Commented on 2006-08-04 11:31:41
Acording to this site:


The demo is out in 30 min from my post here, well see about it thoght :) I can't wait on other hand.
Commented on 2006-08-04 11:48:08 In reply to MugiMugi
Posted by MugiMugi
Acording to this site:


The demo is out in 30 min from my post here, well see about it thoght :) I can't wait on other hand.
Wow, I hope their source can be trusted even if it is Capcom... I can't wait either, the anticipation for this game is killing me!
Commented on 2006-08-04 12:04:29
iam currently downloading the demo from us marketplace i hope its not region locked B/C im from germany ^^
Commented on 2006-08-04 12:09:53 In reply to parasven
Posted by parasven
iam currently downloading the demo from us marketplace i hope its not region locked B/C im from germany ^^
I doubt it is, but the demo is on the European marketplace also.
Commented on 2006-08-04 12:15:44
No demo is region looked, ben dl a bunch of em from Japan and all worked just fine.

Anyhow dl the demo right now from Europe market place, hopfully won't take to long.

It's 1GB big btw, or to be exact 1014,61MB, wish it went faster but there servers are slow.
Commented on 2006-08-04 12:21:45
I beleive wreslte kingdom is region locked.
Commented on 2006-08-04 12:38:13 In reply to Jollipop
Posted by Jollipop
I doubt it is, but the demo is on the European marketplace also.
I can't see it yet.. this kinda sucks
Commented on 2006-08-04 12:51:09
The game is banned in germany, so if you got an accont set to germany don't expect the demo to show up on marketplace.

Just register anothero ne eg to USA or UK or somewhere else not towards germany.

<- 70% done downloaded on the EU servers, well set to sweden.
Commented on 2006-08-04 13:39:16
Okay done playing the demo, spent 30 min or so with it.

All I can say, it sure seems to be an awesome game :) defetively, no real downside from what I can say.

Anyhow green object you can pick up is food, red is things you can use as weapons.

It also seems the quality of the weapons vary much, hard to find good ones, knives was the best one I culd find beside theos I picked up, and many other weapons didnt evne kill just pushed things away.

I for sure pick it up next month when it release.
Commented on 2006-08-04 13:41:36
@ MugiMugi

Commented on 2006-08-04 14:44:26
Demo rocks :)
Commented on 2006-08-04 15:11:38
I downloaded Dead Rising Demo, but have a problem:

after selecting "Start Demo" in the screen where you can see all the zombies walking towards the mall, the demo starts loading. And while loading i get a message like "Can't read that disc"!!!

Did anyone have the same problem??? what should i do?

thanks for any idea/help, regards scarjack
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