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Devil May Cry images and trailer

Devil May Cry images and trailer

While waiting for a admin in France to work on the trailer, here are some images of the surprising Devil May Cry by Ninja Theory.
Update: Added the trailer.

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Commented on 2010-09-15 15:00:20
what the hell is that ? Devil May Cry !
fuck you Ninja Theory! fuck you capcom! go to hell
you're ruined Devil May Cry
Commented on 2010-09-15 15:01:03
Oh yeah! Looks stunning!
Commented on 2010-09-15 15:02:58
DMC had a pretty good run. Though the fact that they added in Edward from Twilight should mean the game will sell gangbusters to the females. Take that, Itagaki!
Commented on 2010-09-15 15:04:54
what the hell is this????? where is the real dante??? this guy looks like a gay vampire....
Commented on 2010-09-15 15:08:24
Kamiya would be very dissapointed in this :( SMH

There is no more of that badass he created.
Commented on 2010-09-15 15:11:00 In reply to dannysnd
Posted by dannysnd
what the hell is this????? where is the real dante??? this guy looks like a gay vampire....
Commented on 2010-09-15 15:12:26
i'm open to a re-imagining, DMC is getting a bit old afterall, but this is just beyond lame. at least character wise. i like the idea of it. him being in a mental asylum, and i guess he THINKS he's a demon slayer but in reality isnt. but man does dante himself look terrible. it''d be a bad design no matter what game it was in, but the fact it's suposed to be dante is just hilarious.
Commented on 2010-09-15 15:20:06
I'm speechless. This just got me killed big time in waiting for new normal DMC. I thought the pattern was DMC1 awesome , DMC2 sux , DMC3 awesome , DMC4 first half of the game sux , now RIP DMC5.
Commented on 2010-09-15 15:21:35
i hope they can make an awesome gameplay and story which would make us ignore his gay look..
Commented on 2010-09-15 15:23:16
I read that they wanted a western vibe to DMC this time...well idiot Capcom, rock/rap street vibe with a emo look isnt it.

Saving grace is combat, knowing Ninja Theory, it wont be good.
It HAS to be as badass and frantic like NG2, Bayonetta and DMC3 and the track record of NT it doesnt seem good.

At first I disliked Nero and still do, but looking at this nonsense, Nero seems to be a great addition to DMC than this new Dante design.

I hope fans complain alot so they can redesign to original if not BETTER Dante, this is just wrong on so many levels.

PS. I agree with KORNdog, a re-imagining DMC isnt bad, look at Castlevania for example. But "Dante" looks like shit.
Commented on 2010-09-15 15:24:28
Nouuu, they ruined DMC... The character looks like drug addict :/
Commented on 2010-09-15 15:29:37
Dante's design is horrendous!
Commented on 2010-09-15 16:07:20
no thank you.

what was wrong with dante and nero?

it does look nice though ;)
Commented on 2010-09-15 16:19:18 In reply to l1nk
Posted by l1nk
i hope they can make an awesome gameplay and story which would make us ignore his gay look..
Commented on 2010-09-15 16:27:07
one less game to buy. Thanks capcom for ruining it!
Commented on 2010-09-15 16:34:53
So here's my question...if it doesn't look like DMC, doesn't play like DMC (i'm assuming here) and is by a totally different developer...WHY THE FUCK CALL IT DMC!?!?!?! I have the biggest fucking rage-fueled tantrum brewing inside me right now. I love DMC, well 1 and 3 at least, but now they've gone and totally wrecked that. Dante looks like a complete pussy, i have no faith whatsoever in Ninja Theory delivering the DMC 3 type goodness i want and this just looks bloody awful. Did i mention how this looks bloody awful? It does.

Platinum games, please make another game about a white haried demonslaying punk in red leather :P It could be called...Demon may cry. It'd be so beautiful.
Commented on 2010-09-15 16:39:08
Oh noes, like the character design and change of developer weren't bad news enough, it also seems to be based on Unreal Engine 3... =( Have no facts on it, but by looking at those images, that's atleast what I would guess. And it makes sense since Ninja Theory used that engine for Enslaved.

*Expecting a quite mixed game with worse combat than before, odd-looking shimmering objects, framerate issues and texture pop-up.*

Outsourcing sucks. Please just stop it already...
Commented on 2010-09-15 16:44:24 In reply to Megido
Posted by Megido
Platinum games, please make another game about a white haried demonslaying punk in red leather :P It could be called...Demon may cry. It'd be so beautiful.
Oh man......

Commented on 2010-09-15 16:52:22
I want Onimusha sequal ALOT, but after Capcom these days, I dont want one :(
Commented on 2010-09-15 16:56:19
I had to register especially for that... I just finished DMC4 and thought that the game was terribad gameplay/scenario-wise (let's not forget a fag nero also) and I was confused as why to make all those great models like Gloria and Lady if you barely use them in 1-2 cutscenes when they have potential to lead whole new games each. Anyway, after watching THIS I was speechless for about a whole 2 minutes trying to.. Understand a possible reason to ruin a decent series and people here were already kind enough to say before me how lame to no limits this character is, so I'll just say that after giving it some thought I got this idea that maybe this ugly f**k here in trailer is not a real Dante, but simply some brainwashed demonhunter who THINKS he's Dante, but he's just merely a copycat. Someone's shown torturing (probably. probably AFTER torturing/brainwashing) him at the start, I mean that makes sense, why would he ask for his name so long if he's a real Dante... Why would they even make real Dante look like that to begin with otherwise....
Commented on 2010-09-15 17:02:00
Sath: Tbh i think DMC 3 Dante was more interesting and had more depth to him than the opther characters, what with the story giving room both to him as the son of a legendary hero and his rivalry with his borther. It just offered better characterisation. As for DMC3 Dante being designed for school kids? I don't know, seems to me that the ones that like the "dark gritty" DMC2 type Dante are the intelectually bankrupt teens that think no more than "He's so cool and mature and awesome and quiet and shit! Durrr!". Sorry, but DMC3 Dante was the most 3-dimensional character of all the games and that makes all the difference, if you look past the fact that he's no longer the stoic aswordwielding "badass" ha was previously. Then again, just make a character somewhat of an antihero and people in general will shit their pants because it's oh so cool, so i don't really expect people to understand my line af agrument here.

It's like why people like Ryu Hyabusa in NGB. It's just some anonymous dude in black leather that kills shit with his sword. How does that make him a badass character? He has no character, no personality and that is kind of how i feel about the other takes on Dante prior to DMC3 (especially in 2 and somewhat less so in DMC1). That said i don't think that DMC3 Dante is brilliant in any way, but he's the best of the bunch.
Commented on 2010-09-15 17:08:18
Devil may Twilight!?
Commented on 2010-09-15 17:09:19
I think change can be good sometimes. DMC4 didn't really set the world alight, so I don't see anything wrong with mixing it up a bit!

I've never really cared for the predecessors; if I did it would involve purchasing a PS2 (I'd rather fuck Janet Street-Porter in the mouth)

So, this may be just the thing for me.

Posted by Optimusv2
Devil may Twilight!?
Pale Twat FTW!
Commented on 2010-09-15 17:10:10 In reply to Megido
You think this is the best DAnte?

Commented on 2010-09-15 17:24:34
lol...I love it!!!!

Those who don't like it...I respect ur opinions as usual. -_-'

Actually I'm quite speachless.....I'm officially buying this day 1.

I want to type alot about why I like this...but I rather go scream like a little girl out of joy and watch that trailer again. XD
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