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DMC4: Day two videos

DMC4: Day two videos

We still have quite a few videos of Devil May Cry 4 upcoming, some from DjMizuhara as usual, but also some from a new contributor who hopefully will be able to send us more very high quality footage like this cutscene with Dane, Trish and Lady. Classy stuff.
Update: Second video from our new old friend, with Dante and Nero going at it, and an interesting trick with Trish.
Update 2: Another cutscene from our old friend. MAJOR SPOILERS in this one. You've been warned!
Update 3: Fourth video full of gameplay, the follow-up of yesterday's 1Go file.

Lady / Trish cutscene (PS3 version)
Dante/Nero fight, Trish cutscene (PS3 version)
Gameplay #2 (DjMizuhara)
Cut scene (PS3 version)

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Commented on 2008-01-31 12:35:27
Trish and Lady, yay :D

I can't wait to play as Dante...he is much more faster and got cooler moves than Nero, and is not more of a "kid".

Anyway, thx for the footage.
Commented on 2008-01-31 13:44:20
this game looks sick... not just because the video's of hot girls... but gameplays cool too :)
Commented on 2008-01-31 14:09:42
hahahahahahhahahahha....that second cutscene hahahahhahahahahha

right no more spoilers for me
Commented on 2008-01-31 14:09:58
OMFG at video 2...Dante is really bad ass :P
But he got emotional when he said to Nero to keep the sword...aww :P

And wtf was with Trish being Gloria...or maybe there is a real Gloria but Trish just disguised herself to be Gloria.

Next week on friday, this game will be mine :D

PS. Nero got humilated by Dante :P...poor Nero.
Now he knows that he should not fuck with someone who have been doing this for years!
Commented on 2008-01-31 14:58:26
Holy shit, Lady looks and moves like a complete slut this time. Kudos Capcom :)
Commented on 2008-01-31 15:10:05
OMG !! I just can't wait !!
Commented on 2008-01-31 15:25:45
Wowwwwzzz......drrroooolllll......*takes hanky*
Commented on 2008-01-31 15:34:53
I love the new more mature Dante!
Commented on 2008-01-31 17:30:54
Ah fuck...I just spoiled like 40 seconds...when I saw how intense it got, I quickly stop watching.

Never again...never :'(
Commented on 2008-01-31 18:45:31
Any chance you can get a 360 version of the second video? I'm wondering if the character lighting looks the same (in the demo I thought the 360 version looked a bit rough compared to the ps3 version).
Commented on 2008-01-31 19:26:21
omg Dante is the most bad ass character ever.
Commented on 2008-01-31 19:32:30 In reply to thedudex06
Posted by thedudex06
omg Dante is the most bad ass character ever.
I wouldn't say ever...I have Altair and the Prince from PoP Warrior Within and Two Thrones...and Kratos.

But yes, Dante is bad ass for sure :D
Commented on 2008-01-31 20:01:18
My eyes have been painted with the blood of spoilers. Tis to late to go backeth..

Commented on 2008-01-31 23:26:29
Why all the spoilage? Are there any plans for a first 10minutes vid?
Commented on 2008-02-01 07:05:09
Kinda whish I had played a DMC game before... might give me some context to understand why these are such big spoilers. Let me ask you guys some questions (as I know nothing about this game)

1. Who are Dante and Nero and what makes them so powerful?

2. Does this game (and the others for that matter) take place on Earth? It mentioned the blood of Sparta or some shit like that?

3. Why do Dante And Nero look almost exactly alike?

4. What is Dante and Nero's relationship?

5. Who are the sluts? ;D
Commented on 2008-02-01 07:08:48 In reply to Psicotic
if you really care a quick read up of DMC1-3 plot on wikipedia would give you all the answers....
Commented on 2008-02-01 20:43:23 In reply to thedudex06
Posted by thedudex06
omg Dante is the most bad ass character ever.
You are right, Dante is the most bad ass game character ever.
I finally get my copy monday.

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