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Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi

Namco Bandai have released new assets for Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi, formerly untitled 'Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011'. Check them out below.



- Formerly Untitled ‘Dragon Ball Game Project’

Coming to the Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3 System -

CERGY, FRANCE – 30 June 2011 – Leading video game publisher NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe S.A.S announced the official release date and fan-decided name for Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. The game will launch on October 28th, 2011 in stores across Europe. Prepare to dive into the world of Dragon Ball Z with Earth-shaking combat, a massive character selection, faithful manga-style graphics, and exciting new features.

The upcoming Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi is currently in development by Spike Co. Ltd., who are honing their considerable talents to create a new landmark game for the Dragon Ball Z franchise. The game features upgraded environmental and character graphics, with designs drawn from the original manga series. Destructible battlefields, including massive craters and ki blasts cutting across the sky deliver a more dynamic experience and immediate sense of urgency to the exhilarating fights. An enhanced story mode drops players into the rich Dragon Ball Z universe, filled with beloved characters and powerful enemies. An accessible battle system allows gamers of all ages to hold their own in fast-paced battles, while still retaining tactical depth for hardcore fans.

Dragon Ball Z fans will be pleased by the exclusive pre-order item for Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi that will be confirmed soon. The one who will pre-order the game will get their hands on an exclusive “Capsule” pen, a Dragon Ball fan must-have!


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Commented on 2011-07-01 12:26:36
Hopefully not another clone
Commented on 2011-07-01 13:25:24
+1 to the list of disgraceful DBZ games
Commented on 2011-07-01 17:25:17
There is some gameplay videos of this on youtube. Dare i say this game could actually be decent?lol
Commented on 2011-07-01 20:25:50 In reply to TyphoonS9k
Posted by TyphoonS9k
+1 to the list of disgraceful DBZ games
you should be thankful that there is actually ANY game being made at all for an Anime series that ended in the mid 1990s in Japan and you should be even more thankful that ANY Dragon Ball game is actually being localized for release OUTSIDE of Japan, you don't want to return to those old dark ages do you?

Anyhow reguardless of the complaining, you gotta remember that a video game based on an animated or comic/manga/movie franchise HAS TO FOLLOW THE RULES of the source material as best as it can be made by the human beings that are working on the videogame, therefore the cries of "I want DBZ to play like Street Fighter" does not make sense because they are two very different things and its not for the sake of fun or gameplay it cannot deviate away from the source material or maybe you are one of those who accepted the whole notion of the live action Dragon Ball movie or you would then equally accept some Jedi handing around with Romulans and Vulcans or you would think it makes sense for some barely trained in the evil ways force user to display leagues more powerful levels of power than established characters in a Star Wars game or gasp, Ryu ripping Sagat's spine with blood splattering all over the place or someone using Kung Fu in a Tae Kwon Do tournament or the waiter serving you Sushi in an Italian Pizza shop?

This game being another DBZ game definetly looks interesting and I personally am day one buying it because despite flaws Namco Bandai always improves, all game devs always improve their games and I am also thank full that Japanese spoken dialogue is a standard included feature included in a game we otherwise would never have gotten before. Now I may have missed buying certain DBZ or other franchise games because money is not endless or I was not able to at all but this one looks good and I am thankful for that.
Commented on 2011-07-02 18:36:35
Dude. Calm down. I'm one of the biggest Dragon Ball fans and have enjoyed more than one DBZ game. Even from the Tenkaichi series. The first and second game were cool, maybe the third was nice for people who weren't already sick and tired of it after the second game. And back in the PS2 days we were able to forgive low-quality sound effects, smudgy low-res cel-shading graphics, animations that look half-done. But it's enough, really. Face it, they're recreating the same game over and over and over again!

I'm not saying it's bad because it's yet another DBZ game. I'm saying that this game is inferior in quality. Graphics, sound, gameplay. Are you saying just because the developers are using the DBZ franchise, I can't call on them making a low-budget piece of trash, again?

My idea of a great use of the DBZ franchise? The Budokai series on PS2 and GameCube. Those were good. Instead of just pulling a weird fighting game and putting soulless incarnations of DBZ characters in it, the Budokai series was actually good.
Commented on 2011-07-02 23:35:13
I want an RPG similar to the Legacy of Goku, but on consoles with a deep character development system and a bit of free reign between sequences.

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