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Dreamfall: 4 images

Dreamfall: 4 images

Longuest Journey's sequel showcases a fighting scene with these four new screenshots.

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Commented on 2005-11-07 21:37:44
That's some pretty impressive stuff for the xbox. Looks almost as good as Amped3 for crying out loud.
Commented on 2005-11-07 21:48:47
i am uite impressed by the graphics for this being a xbox title and all, but sadly this is just another game that in my view was/is going to be released far to late for my liking.
Commented on 2005-11-07 22:03:29
Wow! Looks like Dreamfall got a graphics overhaul. After seeing these screens now... no wonder its taking them so long. But I can't wait to play this game, and don't really care that X360 will be out by then since I really enjoyed TLJ on PC!
Commented on 2005-11-07 22:05:47 In reply to Nossy
Posted by Nossy
That's some pretty impressive stuff for the xbox. Looks almost as good as Amped3 for crying out loud.
That's a ridiculous comparison, Amped 3 throws out entire MOUNTAINSIDES.
Commented on 2005-11-07 22:20:01 In reply to Slabs
Posted by Slabs
That's a ridiculous comparison, Amped 3 throws out entire MOUNTAINSIDES.
Yes true, but Amped 3 COULD be better than what it is now.
Commented on 2005-11-07 22:26:53
To be fair, I think these are PC screenshots.

The developers claim that the Xbox version looks almost as good as the PC version, and that they intend to release some Xbox screens to show how good it looks. But to my knowledge, so far the only images released have all been from the PC.

Either way, this game is going to be great. :)
Commented on 2005-11-08 00:38:43
She doesnt have any boobs for crying out loud. I want DOA attributes!!!!!!!!!!
Commented on 2005-11-08 03:06:21
It won't look this sharp because of lack of AA on the Xbox, but this does look like one damned impressive title.
Commented on 2005-11-09 09:01:16
Very nice, looks better than Ziria on 360... ;-)

There's no chance of my buying it though as I probably won't buy Xbox games anymore after 2nd of December.
Commented on 2005-11-09 15:47:35
This only looks good because its taken at a high resolution with anti alaising as munkieNS said

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