VIDEO | X360, PS3, PC Saturday, June 4, 2011 | 2:30 AM

Duke Nukem Forever demo video

Duke Nukem Forever demo video

Duke Nukem Forever will finally be released next week but today those who pre-ordered the game can have access to an exclusive demo. Well, not that exclusive actually since it's the same old one we have all been seeing for a while. Still, here is the first part of the 360 demo, with its choppy framerate, aliasing, poor textures and 40 second long loading screens. Yes, it does not look pretty considering today's standards, but, hey, it's Duke and he does not give a f*ck. More to come, including videos from the PC demo.
Update: Last part of the 360 demo video is up.
Update 2: First part of the PC version added, 1080p, it's aliased, but AA was activated...
Update 3: Second and third parts of the PC version are up.

360 demo Part 1
PC Demo Part 1
360 demo Part 2
PC Demo Part 2
PC Demo Part 3

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Commented on 2011-06-03 16:44:03
Yeah i played it today on PC and its not very good. The graphics are outdated. 5 years ago it would be ok but now its just bad. I wouldnt buy it.
Commented on 2011-06-03 17:02:50
Yep, played the 360 version... not impressed at all. The visuals we always knew would look outdated. The poor framerate (noticable on the second part of the demo), and long loading times, really shouldnt have been an issue though.

Not a great demo, and more than likely not a great game. Certainly not what i would consider worth a £40 price tag... not when its up against polished quality titles this year. Like i said in the "what's up" box... if you've waited years for this game then you can wait an extra few weeks after its release as this is destined to have its price slashed in half soon enough.
Commented on 2011-06-03 17:42:00
This game is made for people who were looking forward to it, not anyone else. Duke is about exactly what this game seems to be delivering, nothing more. At the very least this will open things up to get Duke back in action and gearbox can maybe make a sequel. In fact that seems to be the entire reason for gearbox taking this game into it's arms and finishing it up for release.
Commented on 2011-06-03 17:46:36
Of course it looks horrible. Unreal Engine ffs. :P
Commented on 2011-06-03 17:56:13 In reply to nepton
Posted by nepton
Of course it looks horrible. Unreal Engine ffs. :P
and if things couldn't be more dumb, a contender arises.
Commented on 2011-06-03 18:09:25
*Types Gamersyde* Genius! :))
Commented on 2011-06-03 19:22:28
This does not look good. OK, it's old school duke, but I expected better somehow. After all this years of waiting, maybe some people will say it shouldn't have been released at all. Maybe when the price drops.
Commented on 2011-06-03 20:53:08
It's "Duke". I don't know what people were expecting.
Commented on 2011-06-03 21:06:23
I liked it.. Loved earlier duke games.
Commented on 2011-06-03 21:09:23 In reply to twitchfactor
Posted by twitchfactor
It's "Duke". I don't know what people were expecting.
a good game? i mean, we wait longer then i care to remember and we get THIS in return? that's not something i'm willing to circle jerk over tbh. mediocrity is mediocrity, no matter what name is on the front of the box.
Commented on 2011-06-03 21:58:43
that really annoys me. A game shouldnt be successful on the back of a name alone. Nostalgia's only going to last for so long with this game before even the most optimistic "fan" realises that they just spent £30+ and 7years? on a game that would have been unpolished had it hit its ORIGINAL release date. Gearbox are already doing damage control.
Commented on 2011-06-03 22:26:06
If it were a budget game I would understand, but this is just horrible. You can't blame UE3 either because the very same developer has put out one of the better uses of the engine in Borderlands, a game which I fear may not get a shot at a sequel because of this pile of misplaced nostalgic diarrhoea.
Commented on 2011-06-03 23:16:48
a game that gets developed over 13 years should have been epic but instead we get last gen graphics copuled with a choppy frame rate and quite forgetable story = bargain bin purchase, anything over £15 and i would say your ripping your self off, i just wish that after all these year wanting to play it they had canceled it rather than take 13 years to make a substandard shooter which pales in comparison to COD or battlefield, i can see this making gearbox go bankrupt.
Commented on 2011-06-04 00:08:56
Ok, that´s disappointing. How can they even release a demo which runs like shit and looks like shit? :/
Commented on 2011-06-04 00:13:01
I like the ending of part 1
Commented on 2011-06-04 11:08:10
Bollx to you all i say! i bought it on PC for £23.50 :P

Looking forward to what the MP has in store.
Commented on 2011-06-04 13:22:06
i only see a third part. where is the fird part?
Commented on 2011-06-04 14:04:37 In reply to Exoskeletor
Posted by Exoskeletor
i only see a third part. where is the fird part?
Ahah, typo, I was tired :p
Commented on 2011-06-04 16:21:36 In reply to Slabs
Posted by Slabs
Borderlands is getting a sequel
Commented on 2011-06-04 18:01:46
I feel bad for anyone who actually anticipated this poo for a decade.

Absolute poo.
Commented on 2011-06-04 20:00:53 In reply to machinehead
Posted by machinehead
a game that gets developed over 13 years should have been epic .......
Remember Too Human? In development for decade and it still it fell incredibly short.
Commented on 2011-06-04 20:29:51
I wonder if they have changed any of this since they showed it around a year ago.
Commented on 2011-06-04 23:19:30
Yeah I'm hoping that since this is a year old demo that it's not a good representation of the game.. At least I hope it isn't. Silly of GearBox to release such a shoddy demo
Commented on 2011-06-05 01:58:44 In reply to KORNdog
What do you guys expect after such troubled development? It would have been a modern miracle if this game had turned out to be above average.
Commented on 2011-06-05 02:47:49
oh god i forgot about too human, worse still how long has diablo 3 been in development, i just hope that diablo 3 doesnt join too human and duke nukem forever in the ranks of took too long to develop and now there past it.
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