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E3: Bioshock 2: Picture time

E3: Bioshock 2: Picture time

Though it seemed to have flown under the radar during this year's E3, Bioshock 2 is still very much alive as these 10 new images of the multiplayer mode can attest.

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Commented on 2009-06-05 18:23:39
The character doesn't have any gloves in a few of the images, does that mean you don't wear the Big Daddy suit all the time?


Is this MP footage?
Commented on 2009-06-05 18:28:08
I dunno about this....I loved the first one big time but this seems like a poor cash in attempt IMO. And the main guru, Ken Lavine isn't involved in the project and I think that says something.

Commented on 2009-06-05 18:41:51
These are definitely multiplayer screenshots.
Commented on 2009-06-05 20:15:58 In reply to Doom_Bringer
I couldn't agree more, looks like same game just added some crap in top, the first one I love it, going though second playthough now, but multiplayer? wtf? why would you kill your game like that? That's like adding MP mode to Assasins Creed, dump idea sorry....
Commented on 2009-06-05 21:01:37
still not sure of this. The first one is one of my all time favourite games. I like the idea of multiplayer, i never understood their insistance that it couldnt of worked for the first one when they released it.. plasmids would work great in multi, and offer you to think about your attacks rather than run and gun.

The story for this second one still has me worried. We all gota taste of playing as the big daddy in the first.. he's slow, and limiting. It makes little sense suddenly allowing him to use plasmids and magically change his drill to have the ability to hold guns. The one thing i'm most worried for in the sequel is the same sense of atmosphere. As a big daddy are you really going to care about listening to the conversations of humans that lived there? Big daddys arent supposed to be intelligent and have human emotion.. they've just the goal they were programed for - protect the little sister. I suppose it being the first may offer them some excuse for more human traits.. but still.

I cant help feeling this game would of sounded much better had the original rumoured story been try - that you were a detective investigating the disappearences of little girls.
Commented on 2009-06-05 21:03:58
Woah. What with all the buzz surrounding E3, I completely forgot about Bioshock 2. Why the heck was this a 'no show' at this year's E3? More or less every other major title was evident in some form. Surprising really.

Anyway, I was always sceptical when a sequel was announced. One of the main conclusions I drew from completing the first game is that it should be a 'stand alone' title; a sequel could potentially ruin the legacy. While I was initially excited by what I saw with regards to Bioshock 2, now I'm just not that interested; it doesn't strike the same impression as the first one did.

I dunno, maybe it's just comint out of E3 where we've seen some pretty fantastic titles. Bioshock 2 looks like it's slacking behind.
Commented on 2009-06-05 21:06:46
These graphics looks awful. I really ain't excited for this. It won't capture the same feeling the first game created at all.
Commented on 2009-06-05 22:35:42 In reply to TheBeagle
Posted by TheBeagle
These graphics looks awful. I really ain't excited for this. It won't capture the same feeling the first game created at all.
Play it on looks great and runs at solid locked 60 FPS
Commented on 2009-06-06 02:23:01
Bioshock was also one of my best titles ever played and when I saw and heard about bioshock 2 I was exspecting something quite different. The game looks exactly the same as 1 and that is a dead end to go. Because it wont give people the impression that this is something quite new. I like the idea's thats gone into the new plot, but question people should be asking is who is the guy that becomes the big daddy for 2. I hear the original guy is out the picture. One idea I do like also is the fact you can swim around rapture looking at its beauty, I dont think this looks better than one, its on the same level, and thats why so many people are maybe not feeling this compared to other titles shown at e3. It's reminding me of when Metroid Prime was released, then when 2 came out it was different in terms of what you had to do, but it never quite caught peoples attention like how the first game did. (Doom Bringer) I think your right in saying this will look much better on a high end pc
Commented on 2009-06-07 06:31:21 In reply to TheBeagle
Posted by TheBeagle
These graphics looks awful. I really ain't excited for this. It won't capture the same feeling the first game created at all.
this is multiplayer, and considering how large the maps may possibly be (assuming if they follow the design of the first game) then i would say this looks pretty damn good. and the game is not even finished yet.

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