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E3: Crackdown presentation part 2

E3: Crackdown presentation part 2

As promised here is the second and last part of the Crackdown presentation filmed by Snoopers during E3. Enjoy some explosions, some more explosions, even more explosions, and a few other niceties. Once again, please keep in mind that this is a demo of the game capabilites, and certainly not what the final gameplay will be like.

E3: Presentation part 2
Download: AVI
E3: Presentation part 2
Download: AVI

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Commented on 2006-05-23 22:56:45
Yay!, BlimBlim, do all cars change shape when the main character gets in them or is it only for a few ones like the truck and the supercar?
Commented on 2006-05-23 22:59:13
I think it's all the cars, but I could be wrong.
Commented on 2006-05-23 23:00:14
k, thanks.
Commented on 2006-05-23 23:00:58
Why is everything so blue?
Commented on 2006-05-23 23:14:53
I got the impression that Agency shapeshifting cars are all that distinct colour.

Blue = Night in comics.
Commented on 2006-05-23 23:18:07
Don't forget your torrents, people; I could use the speed :D
Commented on 2006-05-23 23:18:50
Wtf, why is my message being bulleted?
it's a serious and normal question!
I'm probably missing out on something here and I know this is a comic style game, but comics aren't always in blue, by my knowledge?
So what's the story behind all this blueness???
Commented on 2006-05-23 23:19:53 In reply to Jato
BLUE = NIGHT in comics
Commented on 2006-05-23 23:31:02 In reply to Slabs
Posted by Slabs
BLUE = NIGHT in comics
Ah I see, thanx...
Commented on 2006-05-23 23:43:38
looks really cool..
even the draw distance is very far..
it looks great to bad that i dont really like the character..
and i havent seen anything of the story..
Commented on 2006-05-23 23:53:58
The character can be altered in appearance to your liking I believe.
Commented on 2006-05-23 23:57:05
awesome, thanks for the vid i'm downloading it right now. only getting 157 kb/s tho
Commented on 2006-05-24 00:07:36
it looks like he is dancing in this one!

Good presentation, however, seems to be pointless very much like the GTA games. Of course, the loads of people who like GTA will probably love this since they got someone who did the original GTA games. Graphics are good but like Saint's Row although the comic book style is nice and the way how even the AI reacts is pretty cartoonish!
Commented on 2006-05-24 00:17:29
I think it might be very blue because its night-time.
Commented on 2006-05-24 00:48:41
lol the taking off the door window as a shield and other really funny stuff! very very amazing draw distance and frikkin' huge world. what most of the audience laught at, i do too! and the jumping from rooftops really makes you feel like a superhero so much more funn that spidey webbing from building to building.
Commented on 2006-05-24 01:08:36
Thanx Blim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Commented on 2006-05-24 02:21:09
I have had a look at the video now and I must say I can't wait for this, any idea when its due for release?
Commented on 2006-05-24 02:45:25
Wow, I cannot wait for this. If rocket juggling cars and people, leaping to window ledges then to rooftops and KICKING MINIVANS AROUND doesn't make you smile at least a little bit then you're a jaded gamer! :P

I swear I dreamed up a game like this when I was a kid!
Commented on 2006-05-24 03:28:11
The game is amazing. MS is getting the hottest games. There is nothing money cant buy and siding with MS is siding with the winning team.
PS:wow blim blim, 3 days more and its you day 1000th
Commented on 2006-05-24 04:20:57
I love their spin on the GTA formula. I hope they put those nice mechanics to good work in game, and not just for the sake of messing around like they do in the demo. I want to be chasing mo' fo's across rooftops, and picking up cars to throw at some kind of friggin' juggernaut villain.
Commented on 2006-05-24 04:59:09
The explosions are sooo beautiful. Beautiful game i can't wait to own it. and the draw distance really gives you a feeling that you are in a huge city, not confined to one block at a time like in GTA or True Crimes.
Commented on 2006-05-24 05:08:37
As someone pointed out in the last presentation thread, I like the whole "Robocop" theme of a cyberagent out to clean up the city. I want to show up at gang wars and wipe them all out with superhuman abilities. Yes I do.
Commented on 2006-05-24 06:53:30 In reply to godhandiscen
Posted by godhandiscen
PS:wow blim blim, 3 days more and its you day 1000th
Yeah :D
Commented on 2006-05-24 08:02:50
this part the presentation looks a lot better then the first one, i am relly looking forward to this game, i stil hope the developers take there time to make it al work out, but i really like it.

thats is another great game for the big M

(halo 3, gears of war, Gta IV (not xclusive but stil), fable 2, Alan Wake, Dead rising, lost planet, mass effect) it is going good for microsoft
Commented on 2006-05-24 08:18:42
I think this game is completely awesome
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