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E3: First DOA4 images ?

E3: First DOA4 images ?

The Elotrolado forum found who knows where these first images from Dead or Alive 4. Since their site is almost impossible to reach I've mirrored the images here, but I could have to remove them when they will be back online. I must say that I was hoping for a bigger evolution from DOA3/U.
Edit: Some people are actually saying that these are images from DOA4, but running on Xbox (the current one) hardware. I really don't know what to say anymore.
Edit2: Confirmation, this is indeed from the Xbox360 version of the game.
Edit3: According to Tecmo these screens are not official and should not have been released. Maybe these are from an old build of the game ?

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Commented on 2005-05-12 17:18:05
Quite dissapointed if thats how is gonna look.

Running on current gen Xbox hardware? At what framerate? =)
Commented on 2005-05-12 17:34:09
Yea, I am also a bit disappointed if the game stays looking like that. I mean, it's not bad...But Team Ninja can do a whole lot better with the 360. I guess we'll have to wait and see what they come up with.

But I am glad to see more characters being added to the roster.
Commented on 2005-05-12 17:45:14
the environments look amazing, but the characters look the same like in DOAU...
Commented on 2005-05-12 17:47:02
Im trying to keep my expectations low, but yeah same thing that syphon said: its not bad but maybe I was hoping a bit more from 360. But the screens are still great looking ! Not gonna judge yet, so lets wait and see.
Commented on 2005-05-12 18:20:46
Man...this game look's like the current generation console engine...i was hoping for muchu, much, much, more.....what a disapointment!!!!!!!!:(
Commented on 2005-05-12 18:33:16



Commented on 2005-05-12 19:02:38
It really does look like an Xbox 1 developed game that was ported over to 360 dev kits, made 720p and with a few surface shading effects tossed in. Not what I wanted but I'll buy it anyhow.
Commented on 2005-05-12 19:47:45
I were definately expecting Team Ninja to really take advantage of the hardware from the beginning.

Maybe it's the art design of the game holding them back...

Well, maybe we can expect incredible facial expressions or something like that? :p
A damage model...? =)
Commented on 2005-05-12 20:55:55
Picture number 6 - look at the digital display in the background - It says "something something the Xenon launch" - Is Xenon not the codename for Xbox360??? Hmmm...

Nice graphics but not that impressive if they are from next-gen hardware - Like others, i would have expected more...
Commented on 2005-05-12 22:33:45
not 360
Commented on 2005-05-12 23:12:30
Yea, I guess it is an old build. If you look at the pic where Bass is fighting the new chick, the scroller in the background says "The Xenon Launch!". We all know the new one is Xbox360.
Commented on 2005-05-12 23:20:46 In reply to Buktu
Posted by Buktu
I were definately expecting Team Ninja to really take advantage of the hardware from the beginning.
What if they are? :)

I mean, we have seen all these screens from X360 games, and I think none of them have been a quantum leap over modern Xbox (or PC) games. Some developers are also saying that Xbox 360 won't be anything special. So maybe we are expecting too much. It should be pointed out that developers "lose" lot of power when they make games running at HDTV resolutions and wide-screen.

Yeah, Xbox couldn't handle that game with that much detail and high resolution.
Commented on 2005-05-13 00:08:41
Some other developers also say that 360 has more than enough power for next-gen. So take everything you hear with a grain of salt until tonight.
Commented on 2005-05-16 11:30:38
Yeah I agree with most of you guys. Itagaki himself said the difference between DOA4 and DOA3. Would be as distinct as the difference between DOA1 & DOA2:Hardcore. That's a ballsy claim. I didn't expect him to keep to it. But he got my hopes up again. I'm eager to play as I am a DOA Junky. But overall whoever says it doesn't look like it's using, Xbox 360's power is exactly right. Looks like Xbox with better lighting. Think that kid is Helena's younger Brother?

Also Hakkiz I agree with 100% from what we've seen so far out of 360. Nothing Groundbreaking...
Commented on 2005-05-22 08:27:41
I've seen these graphics in motion and I was blown away. At first I thought I was looking at some cg-rendered commercial, then I realized it was a game. This is a huge improvement over DOA 3. Virtually no polygon lines, fully anti-aliased. The light even plays along the seems of their clothes! Did you expect photo-realism? It's an anime base game.
Commented on 2005-05-28 07:15:18
I think that this game is the shiz-nitz and even though its not as advanced as the last one I still have high expectations for DOA4. The females in this game look amazingly hot, and the graphics for nature are stunning,though DOA3 and DOA4 are still similar. I'm truly undecided.
Commented on 2005-05-29 06:37:53
To point a couple things out, the images are screen caps from the E3 preview video of DOA4 and there is still a while till the 360 hits the streets, and I suggest watching the video and then if you still feel like it, keep talking trash on thr game. You should be able to find the video at http://www.1up.com

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