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E3: Ghost of Tsushima shows itself

E3: Ghost of Tsushima shows itself

Ghost of Tsushima was also demoed during Sony's "conference" yesterday and it's shaping up pretty well in terms of atmosphere. The game may be a bit less impressive than The Last of Us Part II, but it is still a gorgeous title to look at, especially during the final fight that ended the presentation. Once again, Sony only provided the 1080p version of the video, at least for now.
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E3 2018 trailer
E3 Gameplay Debut (No Watermark)

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Commented on 2018-06-12 10:37:20
Looks stunning. Love the setting and love aesthetic.
Commented on 2018-06-12 10:38:23
I'm really looking forward to try Ghost of Tsushima
Commented on 2018-06-12 10:43:19
My favorite game shown from Sony. SP has done a good job overall so far with the look. Love the more grounded Samurai combat.
Commented on 2018-06-12 10:47:48
fucking LOVE that this isn't basic hack and slash. the tenchu style grappling and stealth put a huge grin on my face too. i wasn't sure sucker punch could do this justice even after enjoying their past games, but i'm glad to be proven wrong.

apparently the demo is actually just a characters side mission too, which bodes well.
Commented on 2018-06-12 11:03:13
Visuals are just jaw dropping, that field looked so good man !!
Commented on 2018-06-12 12:18:56
I really need combat specific details, i have so many questions.
The art direction and tech looks amazing
Commented on 2018-06-12 12:28:21
Another day 1 must but buy. Sony's 1st party devs just brought it in spades this gen.
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Commented on 2018-06-12 15:11:43
For real? Another year, another event where Sony is only providing 1080p content?? This is getting more and more unacceptable. I seem to recall them being the ones pushing everyone into the "4K era" to begin with, yet they never want to provide decent quality assets. MS may not have the most impressive games to show, but they at least make sure members of the press are provided the highest possible quality assets...
Commented on 2018-06-12 15:24:39
Loved the atmosphere and gameplay, at first the fighting and animations seemed off in the livestream, but sbsequent views showed it was normal, no idea why at first it seemed off. I love Samurai and Ninja games, which is not used enough unfortunately. Looking forward to seeing more of GoT.
Commented on 2018-06-12 18:56:08 In reply to GangstaNip
Posted by GangstaNip
My favorite game shown from Sony. SP has done a good job overall so far with the look. Love the more grounded Samurai combat.
RE2 Remake might have been the one I most wanted to see, but this, out of all the others shown, was the most impressive, trumping TLoU2, Spiderman and Death Stranding, which also looks like a technical showcase, probably just as much as this.

The thing that looked absolutely stunning was the cherry blossom leaves duel. I mean, usually that kind of thing is done with flat textures, and one or two leaves that can move, but the entire ground covered with them that individually move and lift and blow in the air as you move through them. I've never seen a game brought to life like that before. The way the wind effects everything, from cloth blowing, cloths, the straw on the characters back and hat. Everything. It's just a stunning looking title, and I was not expecting that.

As it's been rightly pointed out, this looks like a more grounded Tenchu set in a relatively open world. It's going to be a system seller.
Commented on 2018-06-13 00:29:25
Best E3 game.
Commented on 2018-06-13 02:29:33
Let's hope i can put the voices in japanese. It would be day 1 for me.
I just looked and it will ZOMG!!

These leaves moving on the floor during combat amazed me. It amazed me as much as the first time i saw Virtua fighter 3 running in big screen in arcade back in the day.

Characters seem great too.

Day 1.

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